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God revealed His plan for my life and I have observations based on it. Does this seem right to you?

Father God, The Lamb, My Life, and Scripture
I wrote this and would just like some feedback and any comments about if what I am saying seems right to you as a believer in Christ.
God spoke to me on Januray 2nd 2010, Ezekiel 37:1-6. I was awakened out of my depravity that I was living in by the hope of God and my election by grace, litteraly snatched from the fires of hell by the blood of the Lamb.
I had been with a unsual form of demonic oppression manifestly for six years up to that point, where I started to hear the enemy on Thanksgiving Day of 2003. It latently started when I was around fifteen, when I tried to give my heart to Jesus a demon inpersonated the Christ and made me feel like I needed to repent and violated my heart by clawing at it, feeling it as a posession, and revealing it as wicked and partially good. The demons in my family line where after me and where trying to cut me off from my Lord. Ambivlent about what happebed to my heart, I walked away from the Lord after that and went on a rebellious path as a dope smoking science fiction writer turned blapsemous. But only by the grace of God was I able to be saved from such abominations.
Because of the demonic oppression, which my doctors called Schizoeffective disorder, I questioned the form of the revealtion, but not the Truth of it. It was like I was spoken to by Father God from a throne room, and God spoke as the Word of God, and it was an inaduble Voice, like the words where spoken as music on spiritual wind. I felt both a love blossom out at me and a rebuke, of course for my sinful behavior for talking to the enemy, although I didn’t think I had any choice in the matter but was forced to do so.
The revealtion was confirmed by God’s sovernty. My mother, who I prayed with and for frequently, recevaed a peace she had been seaching for less than a week later from a woman belonong to a church called Celbration Church in Clovis, CA, where we lived. Three weeks later John MacArthur spoke of deliverance, which I had been seeking in the months leading up to the revealtion, my brother-in-law got a job, my mother then heard a voice telling her that I should go to Celebration Church again and obeying I went and immedietly when I enetered the church late I heard the pastor talk of how God makes dead people alive, like Ezekiel 37. Then I got a job helping my Grandfather John Ferreira, who also delt with voices which weren’t as pronounced as mine, and I finnaly established a relationship with a father figure which I needed and God supplied.
This could only be explained by the sovernty of God. He was in control of these events and ocestrating His love for me and others by the way He worked with people and controlled events with our free will.
Praise be to God! Glory be to the Lamb!
I realized how sick I was spiritually, unclean, sinful, and depraved. How foreighn it was for me to enjoy good, sad to say, but I hope that God can change all that and He will.
I went to International Worship Center, where I recived the revealtion, and they had sighns which stated that they where building an army; EZekiel 37 states the dead bones will become an army and I figured God was confirming the revealtion again.
I saw a person from International Worship Center where I recived the revealtion while I was fixing my sister’s tire on her car at American Tires, a tire shop. God wanted me to go to Church.
I realize that I am living in bad sins, but I know what Jesus meant when He said a time is comming when the dead will hear His voice. These are people who fell asleep, like Lazerus, but where to be ressurected. Anybody who authenticly belives in Christ will be resurrected on the Day of the Lord. This day could begin the stars of millenial kingdom.
God dosen’t just care for people who have the Holy Ghost and go to Church, but everyone who even just believes in the name of Christ, which means the One who saves, the Anointed One. I beli8ve in His name and have demons that are messing with me. I am in captivity to the enemy, but God is Awesome and can deliver anyone He choose. Jesus spoke of me in Matthew 24:31. I am one of the elect collected by the four winds, mentioned in EZekiel 37. My place in heaven will be probabl;y those in revealtion chapter 7, beacuse a lord in heaven asks the same question God asks Ezekiel in Ezekiel 37, and John replied like Ezekiel, “Oh lord, you know.” So assume these are the same people who are being ressurected in Ezkiel 37.
Does this sound sound to any of you, if you are a Christian.
Simply by believing in Christ, no matter what sin is in your life, God will ressurect that person based on His Son’s great merit. The Gospel of John Promises that. Prasie be to the Father and the Lamb!


  1. What is the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ? Simple. Believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, or fry like bacon for all eternity in Hell (in God’s mercy).

  2. Actually, that can all be explained equally by substituting the name “Zeus”, “Allah”, or “Quetzalcoatl”.
    Edit: you mention smoking dope… this might have something to do with it.

  3. Yes yes, God has a plan for you, just like he plans for a couple hundred thousand children to die of starvation each year.
    He punishes atheist pediatricians and rewards Christian mass murderers, all makes perfect sense…Good job.

  4. If God spoke to you as you say, why do you need confirmation of it from other Christians? That should tell you something.

  5. if he has a plan, then why pray?
    if he has a plan it would have to include murder, rape, genocide, infanticide, and all other horrible things. If this is the case then your god is a horrible planner and is not worthy of worship.


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