God is source energy is taking the fun out of being a Atheati?

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Part of my respect for the particular community of atheati on R&S came from their unwillingness to spam crap nobody reads.
SO! god is source energy if your reading this Stop! your not helping and making every one else look bad or if your just some theist troll then find something better to do with your time please.

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What the hell are you babbling about? If you don’t understand the voices you hear don’t try to repeat what you think they say.

Shinigami (FAC) weeaboo

Well, you can’t fault his enthusiasm, nor that child-like earnestness that says “look, mum, look at me!” “Mum, are you watching?”

Ryan, Atheati Magus

As an atheati magus, i despise those who take the fun out of my day job


OMG like I care?!!


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