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God is not a person !! please read my theory.?

check this out ………. science has diproved that God exists in heaven above the clouds ….
My theory for a real god is this …
God is all around us and in everything we see and do, there is not a single being called God but a force and every force.
In the begining of galaxial existance we have found there to be a starting point which has been name “the big bang” . my theory suggests that this “big bang” is what we call God.
Science believes there was a mass explosion of energy’s much like splitting an atom but on a much larger scale, and i agree but i call this explosion God.
not just solid thigs were created in the creation of God but feelings,thoughts and senses. we all know about aura’s and other things similar but in my opinion God is all around us and is the the creation of all things.
I live my life as well as i can , we only have a maximum of 100 odd years and use the things that God has created to do the best i can for my family & friends . am i wrong?
Yeah … god is your thoughts and everything else so why waste your time worshiping !!!??? make the most of what “GOD” created!


  1. To me God is always another humanbeing who can love, forgive and care about others
    As Rudolph Bulttmann wrote the theistic God died when Darwin found out that life evolved, Galallio discovered the earth is round and jenner discovered that illness is caused by viruses and not due to God punishing sinners

  2. The thought of something makes it so in mind.
    Mind is where we experience life.
    You can think of God because you have a fragment of Him in Your higher consciousness. God has found you. Now it is up to you to find God within.
    A quote to reflect on;
    P.1217 – §4 Mind is your ship, the Spirit is your pilot, the human will is captain. The master of the mortal vessel should have the wisdom to trust the divine pilot to guide the ascending soul into the spiritual harbors of eternal survival. Only by selfishness, slothfulness, and sinfulness can the will of man reject the guidance of such a loving pilot and eventually wreck the mortal career upon the evil shoals of rejected mercy and upon the rocks of embraced sin. With your consent, this faithful pilot will safely carry you across the barriers of time and the handicaps of space to the very source of the divine mind and on beyond, even to the Paradise Father of Spirit.

  3. Dunno where the hell you got the “Maximum of 100 years” part from though…
    If thats what floats your boat, then carry on sailing ^.^

  4. wow that sorta does explain thing but i will not die old beliving that thing u just wrote
    to me i belive god is a immortal being

  5. yes i agree, god is all around us, and in everything we see and do, , heaven is NOT up above the clouds, but actually here on earth, but on a different vibrational level. the “big bang” theory……
    no!!!! i dont believe THAT.

  6. I have heard a theory.
    This certain individual believes that God, or whatever omnipotent being that fabricated human existence, can be discovered if all persons in the expanse of human history were brought together under one roof.
    Granted, that is almost literally impossible — however, granted, I despise the word impossible.
    Taking that concept with a grain of salt, he believes that since God is in each living individual that the bringing together of all human life past, present and future would be the centering of God all at once and that would then bring on the manifestation of God before us as mortal beings.

  7. Everyone worships no matter if you are aware or not. IDOLS like in money, ornaments or people. The act of worship is I guess adoration, praise and love. If you are thankful and love what is around you, above and below you it is worship in a quiet sense. But outward acts are merely to show to others..not to God or so called to the source. So in a true worship we do it with a modest and humble level. No fanciful display. Just you and the source of what you adore, praise and very appreciative of. If appreciation is valued the worship is worthy and if considered in a spiritual sense- heavenly glorious.

  8. I agree with you…
    I’ve always that that this God we all refer to, is the universe…
    why does it have to be some old man, why does he even have to look human, why is he even a he???
    I simply believe that God is everything, that even we are parts of God, that the Universe is this thing that’s God…
    And the big bang…yeah the whole atoms thing…sure…how can a bunch of so called scientists prove that that thing even happened???
    god is everything, and nothing…the universe…
    the end

  9. I have already realize this a long time ago.
    science – Energy cannot be created or destroy
    religion – God cannot be created or destroy
    science – Everything are created by Energy release in the Big Bang
    religion – Everything is created by God
    God = Energy
    Energy = God

  10. I agree. Furthermore, God is in us all. To worship in the current sense-going to church-is not required. For most people who go to church, it makes them feel better-that’s fine. But for anyone to think a person must go to a building on any given day to worship, that is absurd. To worship God is to be like God in all that you do.

  11. People who believe in god will not like your theory. It is because your god is not a personal god. Your god puts all of nature on the same level – whereas the christian-judeau god puts human ahead of everything.
    What you have found is called the Tao. The Tao is what was before the Big Bang. It was a formless, shapeless void. From this void (Tao) came positive and negative (yin and yang). From the Big Bang came matter and antimatter. From the positive and negative came the rest of the universe. From the matter and antimatter came the rest of the universe. They parallel each other.
    You need to read the Tao Te Ching. It is a very short book – 81 verses and there are many many translations.
    One of the better translations – see –
    Welcome to the Tao

  12. You truly have unique, synthesized thoughts amidst your intellect.
    You may find yourself with like minds in the site suggested below…

  13. Have you been reading Spinoza? Your theories are similar to his philosophy. He says that God is Nature, God is infinite, causal. And God is definitely not a person! Being composed of infinity, how can God be flesh and blood, which is finite. Its a contradiction. God is not created, for if God were created, there would exist a superior substance from which God originated. The attributes of God make it such that God’s essense is existence, is infinite, is all encompassing.
    I’m currently reading Spinoza’s The Ethics. Anyways, I think your perspectives are interesting and thought provoking. What is God? Is there a God? What is existence? What is its meaning? Those are questions of the deepest kind. Their answers? Mysteries.

  14. I think that this God fellow is not the big bang. I think that if a supreme deity in the tradition of the Abrahamic religions did exist it would not exist in any literal sense. It would either be an idea or a descriptor for what is praiseworthy. Or possibly be extra temporal, that is existing outside of our space time.
    The first idea, that God is an ideal is compelling and goes back to the Greek philosophers. This was of course because this God fellow would be perfect and thus all ideal forms would flow from God. This is of course problematic as an ideal form doesn’t have to be a sentient God fellow or what not.
    The second idea, that God is a descriptor of whatever is praiseworthy makes sense. This theory says that the things that we find most praiseworthy and good and inspiring should be called God.
    Another theory is that proposed by Wittgenstein. Wittgenstein said that language defines our reality. That is to say that the way we use language to describe things defines our worldview. Imagine language as a platform. In the very middle of the platform are ideas and concepts we know well, such as rock,spatula or spider. The further away from the center of the platform the stranger and more difficult the concepts become until we are teetering on the edge of the platform (i.e. language). It is when we are on this edge that we meet up with something that is so mysterious, and terrifying and awesome that we think that this must be god. Thus god is simply something we do not yet have the language for and is a descriptor for something that we can’t adequately describe.
    The third option that I’ve mentioned is of course the idea that if an all powerful deity exists it cannot exist in our universe. It would have to exist in some other dimension outside of causality.
    Personally I’m an advocate of consensus reality.

  15. Firstly heaven isn’t “above the clouds” it not in this universe. And science has not and never could prove it’s non-existence. And on that note the Big Bang is a theory not absolute truth.
    Secondly my God is the creator of this universe, not the universe itself.
    Third I not sure I ever would of said God is a person. It’s a narrow way of looking at things. But what I know as God is nothing like you described.
    God exist ever where in the universe and outside it. God exist in all time simultaneously. God knows everything there is to know and ever will be. God is beyond the human imagination, and to see God in true form would kill you. If you heard God’s true voice you would worship for you would know your were just God’s creation.
    Open your mind, your simplifying way too much. And not that you will, but try talking and actually listening for a reply. God knows all your thoughts and if you seek God with all your heart you will find God.

  16. Yes, God is not a person but the person is a God as water is not ice but ice is nothing but water. God is beyond the limit of our ability to explain. Hence, no theory of God is found in our scriptures. Our ancient saints and sages have left everything as guidelines for us to reach God as a result of their years long quest for ‘Ultimate Truth’ and painstaking “Sadhana” or practices but we do not find any ‘Theory of God’. Being and becoming is quite different from knowing. I think you are on the right track. Please go ahead.

  17. God is not only everything around us, but the best part is that WE ARE part of God too. Every living thing – this includes rocks and all known and unknown planets…
    If you live with God within this understanding, you don´t need no religion. This is because you appreciate another life as your own leg or finger…

  18. Well, if that’s how you want to define god… I guess god exists.
    But I can define my pencil to be god, thereby proving that god exists, but I still haven’t learnt anything or gained anything.
    However, you cannot jump to any other conclusions based on the ‘god is everything’ theory. ‘Everything’ means the things that we know to exist. Jesus does not magically become gods son just because you defined god to be ‘everything’ and you can’t get any real values from believing in this god.
    Also, why would this god need worshippers? And wouldn’t it be totally powerless, or even totally unconscious?


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