God is conciousness and conciousness is God?





by Zero:

What do you think of my philosophy on God, the Universe and consciousness?
I can’t help but think we as conscious beings are God Itself manifested in different forms.
We all know our thoughts create our reality. What we think today affects what will happen in our future. Ultimately creating and forming our enviorment according to the nature of all our accumulated thoughts combined.
Our consciousness has always existed, and it has no limit.
We are our own creator. We have the ability to give and heal our self of disease just by the state of our thoughts. We are God itself, and God is filled with never ending intelligence, though unaware of its full potential. Which is where our lives come in.
It is what has allowed us to survive as a species (through evolution and physical time) and change accordingly to our enivorment through the years. Animals have the same ability, but are not on the same level as we. Not all humans are on the same level either.
Conciousness is also what makes it possible for our bodies to survive independently without being connected to a direct energy source. When our bodies pass on, the energy that made up our conscious departes, and the physical matter and its energy gets recycled back into the enviorment to take on another form. Everything in existence you see today has always existed, but has changed form through energy.
The Universe is Infinitite, and just like our bodies contain a never ending supply of live cells that hold all our emotions and thoughts that make up our body as a whole, our Universe is made of of billions upon billions of galaxies that contain a never ending supply of life and all its accumulated thoughts.
I’m even wondering if then our universe is just like a cell to a higher intelligence….part of a never ending process.
Ultimatley though, we are the Universe unfolding, growing, and discovering its own ability. Our concious is what made this all a reality in the first place, and it can never be destroyed.
All thoughts welcomed

Answer by aeiou_11375
Your philosophy is wrong since yo believe a god exists.


  1. As the human mind or brain can think for itself by controlling emotions and resolving complex thoughts contained in the imaginary transparency problems that we face each day and night. As humans we can solve almost anything that the mind can handle within the education from past experiences.
    One of the most important functions humans can adapt themselves to almost anything circumstances that may arise during ones ability to think out problems and resolve those issues of adjustment.
    When we are awake our minds adsorb pain, cold, warmth, hunger, thirst, sorrow and happiness instantly from the complex chemical and electrical impulse actions of the brain.
    So our brains are walking matter computers able to do just about anything but fly in spirit cosmic allusions.
    We are conscious of the fact of reality of our surroundings, consciously of truth and wrongs which has been handed down from past generations of humans.
    The art of survival and adapting to new environmental impacts in a ever changing world.
    So our Intelligent minds work together in seeking resolution to your theory of consciousness of any Gods that the human mind can dream of.
    That’s life I guess.

  2. wow, a wonderful theory.
    you are not a human being having spiritual experiences, you are a spiritual being having a human experience.
    all that is is consicousness, there is nothing that is not made of consicousness. this is what is called existence. and if you like to call existence god, then this is it.

  3. Your question is the first one I ever copied. I think you are on the right track. The hardest thing about being human is that we tend to define things to understand them. The whole God concept limits the consciousness you speak of. Energy doesn’t have a name or gender. It is ever changing. Name labels were created by men to explain unexplainable life events. I would phrase it “Consciousness is energy and we are conscious, therefore we are energy.”
    We do create our reality as humans and as energy seeking knowledge. The person who dismisses that fact because of all the bad in the world doesn’t understand the nature of free will coupled with raw emotion. Most unspeakable acts are done out of raw emotion uninhibited. Sometimes there is a mental defect and others times it stems from abuse that causes the person to lose touch with their higher self. That part that knows that we are all connected and to hurt another is to hurt yourself.
    Our planet is on the verge of collapse and we, for the most part, have taken it there. In the beginning, we took care of it. Once humans evolved past worshiping the earth and the elements, they no longer respected them. Just like organized religion, the idea was to make things better. But power and knowledge can corrupt. Those with the tendency toward power mongering will use knowledge and fear to control weaker minded people. That is why those who speak out usually are silenced. Differing openions are a threat. People who are strong and have the mind to seek the truth are not easily minipulated. They can not be fooled into rash acts or thinking, therefore they may challenge athority. A true leader welcomes differing openions in order to sever the needs of the people. Today we are just waking up to the fact our planet is starting to change and we need to do something.
    In my research, I’ve found that everything is connected and that everything is unfolding with time. The universe, the planets, the earth, nature and us. I went to ‘Bodies the Exhibit’ and found that we are a fractal repeat of nature inside. Everhthing is a repeat of everything else. We have an energy field around our bodies just like the earth has an electromagnetic field. The cycles and orbits circulate around and through us and everything around us. That is the connection. The energy moves from one thing to another, so that is our connection to each other.
    The point is that our bodies die but our energy just moves to a new conduit and lives on. We are energy having a human experience and then we go back to source to be recycled back to have different experiences in order to expand our knowledge. Thought is good but without action, it is just theory. That is why bad things happen. If life were only about perfection and no hardship, what would be the point? Think about the best lessons you have learned in your life. Did they come from a happy times or hardship? The problem is that humans tend to evolve faster in hard times and stagnate in good times. We are entering into hard times again because we have experienced the hights of priviledge and the collection of possessions. Now we have to go the other way in order to learn to appreciate what we have been taking for granted. Everything always evens out. That is the code we live by. Most people just don’t remember and so they take more than they deserve and then are shocked when it is taken away. We created this problem to correct the inbalance that exist in the world. So as you watch things unfold, don’t ask why, but instead marvel at how thing are being shifted to bring things in balance.
    Have you ever seen the DVD “What The Bleep”? It talks about facts that are known about quantum physics and raises questions about where energy goes and how our emotions affect our bodies. It is very interesting and not too complicated to understand. I think you would like it.
    I just want to thank you for asking the question. It has been a while since I was this excited over a question. I hope my answer gave you something in return.

  4. To your opening Q:
    No, don’t be fooled.
    Consider this:
    You are a being who possesses consciousness.
    It is a perceiving attribute and the foundation of reality, but we are creating reality.
    The One who is conscious is more primal than consciousness itself…
    The “never ending intelligence” reveals all.
    The path is a ‘train of thought’.

  5. All that good positive consciousness you speak of, and you just plain outright left out all the evil that is evident in the world. If your theory is true then our conscious is consumed with evil that is affecting our world for the worse. We are vitually on the verge of a global financial collapse, all caused by our consciousness?
    …and most of the universe is not alive, but rather innate matter. We are not connected to the sun to draw energy from it directly, but plants draw energy from the sun. It’s called photosynthesis. We in turn eat the plants and/or other animals that eat plants. Hence that is the source of our energy, not our conscious. Go without eating, and it becomes obvious would starve on consciousness only.

  6. Peace be upon you
    Your argument is highly fallacious and weak, Ill explain, and reaks of a pseudo-pantheism
    Here is a short refuation, I could write an essay on this….
    We are our own creator.
    – Did you initiate your own consciousness? NO
    Consciousness is a process, of the highest complexity, a synthesis of a cacophony of senses, with the ability to reason, and interact with the environment which gives rise to the sensations in the first place, notwithstanding that our consciousness doesn’t create the environment, for it is an external reality, and only have a small internal representation of it.
    We have the ability to give and heal our self of disease just by the state of our thoughts.
    – There might be some evidence to show positive thinking can help in illness, but this is also called DENIAL, when your internal state tries to negate the physical reality. Do you think that if some one has cancer, just imagining or believing they don’t will make a malignant tumour disappear?
    We are God itself, and God is filled with never ending intelligence, though unaware of its full potential. Which is where our lives come in.
    – We are creations of God, God is the All-Knowing, he knows everything in the universe.
    Our souls which give rise to our consciousness in this world, will eventually leave this body and planet that we know about, to go to other places in the Universe, we already know the universe is gigantic.
    Conciousness is also what makes it possible for our bodies to survive independently without being connected to a direct energy source.
    – Our consciousness defined as being awake, could never even happen if we didn’t have an energy source like the sun, or any form of light. The reactions in our minds are caused by photons hitting the retina, which initiates our consciousness.
    When we are asleep, we close our eyes, the light ceases to hit the eye, and we slowly fall asleep, we are no longer conscious.
    Now what you need is God-consciousness, to develop a higher level of thought where you are aware of God, and glow with his light.
    Read the Qu’ran, do the good deeds, and await the Day of Judgement.
    -onewhosubmits (aka Muslim)

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