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God commanding humans? Why do you believe it? Bible changes needed?

If god commanded us not to do things, then wouldn’t got not allow us to do them things? In fact we probably are commanded to not do things, and therefore we cannot because God is perfect and we would not know what they are, because we can’t do them. It seems very clear that the ten commandments should be named the ten recommendations. If god has given us free will, then there would not be commandments.
Has it not occurred to anyone, that we should dissect our bible and make changes to it? We all have the ability to talk to God, and this is one of the things in which God does to talk to me about with free will.
In fact, if anything we are commanded to live by the 7 universal laws, for there is no way around that. Is it not better to live through that, for Karma is one of these laws, that if you break a so called “commandment” like murdering someone, then you have to deal with Karma in which ever form that is.
However, because I know about the Universal Laws, I can use the L.O.A. to make changes that can help make corrections so that humans can remove the term “Commandment” so I know everything is good.
Evolution is real, and the bible seems to need a serious fix in evolution it seems. What else seems wrong about the bible? If we focus on it, our spirit guides (Which is God) can help us out with truth.
peace and light everyone.


  1. If you’re that far along in your doubts, go ahead and become an Atheist. It’s really a lot easier than racking your brains about it.

  2. Did you make the 7 universal laws up? We should follow you?
    This one has been done before and the outcome is not good.

  3. Your argumentation is seriously flawed (ie, does not connect one thought well with another, meaning it is irrational).
    The fact that God commanded us to do so but does not see fit to remove our free will and force us to do it does not mean it is any less of a command. It just means God’s not the bully you seem to think He should be.
    I’ve heard this accusation about mistakes or inconsistencies in the Bible dozens of times and have never encountered a single one I couldn’t refute. No offence, but your argumentation here is simply not well laid out.

  4. God wouldn’t necessarily stop us from doing something that he’s forbidden us to. The purpose of the law of Moses was to show us our own imperfection. If we kept it perfectly (or were able to), then its purpose would fail.
    God did not give us free will. God is in charge of everything.
    How are we going to dissect the Bible? If we do that, they we might as well disregard it completely. Either it is a source of inspiration from God or it isn’t. Decide.
    Evolution IS real, and the scriptures do not contradict it. Its HOW God brought us to where we are. It doesn’t discount the Bible or God. Go back far enough and you’ll eventually find that one thing that started it all. How did that come about when there is nothing to form it? Must have been formed by something outside of everything we know, right?
    God bless.

  5. If God made us do the things he does not want us to do then we would be robots with out free will. Look at it in this way, what if you had a child, do you want your child to grow up and love and respect you or would you rather he left you and moved away. You would want your child to choose to love and respect you and that is what God wants, he wants real love. Or would you chain your child up in a basement and make him do what you want. That is not how God operates!

  6. Yes, depending on one’s choice of words, (commandment vs recommendation) it can make all the difference. I think something was lost in translation there as well as many other places in the Bible. (Jesus wasn’t just a carpenter, he was a jack of all trades, but it somehow translated to “carpenter,” only.) I believe this is why the Bible is so misconstrued. It’s 1st century man, being translated to 21st century man, and losing alot of it’s truths and crucial significance along the way. Look at all the books that were left OUT of the Bible. There was alot of information there that people don’t seem to consider. (I think alot was cleverly inserted, too, to keep women “in their place,” so to speak.!) The Bible isn’t the WHOLE truth anyway you look at it.
    People will believe what they want to believe.
    When the student is ready…the teacher will appear.
    All paths lead to God…some just take longer to get there.

  7. One fixed direction from God is that there are no commandments, no rules of any kind and no requirements of any kind.. There are always consequences for things we do that offend others.. These are strictly earthly consequences because we that know God, know that He will never judge, condemn or punish for any reason..In the Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsch, God clearly recommends the merging of His truth with the portions of the bible that are true..God clearly pointed out the errors of man removing the final third of the scriptures which included the truth of reincarnation..This was done with the King James version and reincarnation was in fact voted out by one vote. Evolution means change so it is a concept that should not be all that hard to accept. “G”


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