God as Consciousness–Without An Object, can you define this?

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This is probably the most abstract and yet the most satisfying way of looking at the universe which I have come across anywhere. And even though we use concepts to describe it, if we eliminate concepts what do you have? 😉

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80% cocoa dark chocolate is satisfying.
Making excuses to believe in a god or god “consciousness” that suits you is not.

The Heffernan

If there is a deity and is a consciousness, but it isn’t an object, that would be too hard for our feeble minds to understand.
We can’t even explain if our universe had a beginning or not, so I don’t think we could understand something that complex.

Megyn Kelly

Tats how Hindus and Buddhists define God … which makes a lot of sense and technically is a lot better than seeing God as an avenging jealous murderer.


Beyond time, beyond matter, beyond energy, is pure consciousness. Consciousness without form.


You’re making my head hurt man.
Just kidding. Good question.
What physicists have shown us is that there really is nothing solid in this universe. No matter(no pun intended) how much you break down an atom, there is nothing “solid” about it.
So if you start thinking really deep you could say we may be just part of someone or somethings “Dream” so to speak. See?
Those that try to figure out how things work are missing the point.
God does exist. Be careful how you use the universe. It can create unimaginable wonders and utterly terrible horrors. The universe doesn’t really discern Good from Evil, it simply creates. We put our human traits on it and call it God.
If all the traits we have assigned to God were true then God would truly be a schizophrenic psychopath.
Thankfully he knows better. He lets us play. When we die he welcomes us back.
Just a concept. Delete as you wish:)


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