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The setting for this retreat was pure and stunning, a beautiful converted farmhouse of Boise-Le-Comte just a few miles away from the famous Magdalene Monastery in Orval, Belgium. Padma and Anaiya Aon Prakasha, from whom the womb teachings have originated, are a very special couple indeed. On first meeting there is an air of “freedom” about them both that is almost iridescent – that hard to describe rare quality that you see and know and feel, but can’t quite put into words. They are a powerfully loving couple, and to be in their company is to be awash with unconditional love, compassion and truth.

Not knowing much about what I was about to embark upon, some of the lines in the flyer for Womb Wisdom had attracted me, such as:
“In the past and in present-day indigenous traditions, women have known that the womb houses the greatest power a woman possesses: the power to create on all levels. Yet today we have forgotten that. Why?” and “The Womb leads us to the seed of our being, our first creative spark. It invites us to be re-born, regenerated and resurrected. It is a cave of pure creativity where we are the creator. The Womb is your inner council where you will discover your doctor, sage, confidant, decision-maker, best friend, muse and artist. When you realise this, you can begin to create within your own womb, placing projects and hearts desires within its field to be birthed and manifested into the world.”

This seemed to call to something ancient within me, stirring the questions “There must be more to the womb than having children?” and “Is this the missing piece in the art of manifestation?” and “What exactly is it that we women have forgotten?”

So as we moved into the retreat intensive, I was very intrigued to find the answers to these burning questions. Padma opened with some powerfully moving words speaking of why this work is so important for women and men, explaining for women, that the opening of the Womb dissolves the need for external authority and leads to the birthing of a new and more liberated consciousness. It is like tapping into our own guru and making a reconnection to the Web of Life. It’s about feeling and intuiting where to go in life and where life wants YOU to go. The most important thing about Womb Wisdom is that the voice you feel is your Higher Self is actually You, or the voice of God / Source within you. And for the men attending, an equally powerful and truthful disclosure on why men are birthed through the womb; first from their biological mother and then from their partner and that all men are looking for this womb connection on some level, searching to dissolve the connection from their birth mother and to be birthed into their essential masculine. Padma turned this age old mystery into a truth for many men in the room, showing the way from being boys to men and showing women how to achieve this with their partners by birthing their men away from the paternal mother from their own womb’s.

Many practices were shared with us from many ancient sacred traditions, including the ancient Hebrew, Egyptian and Tibetan lineages. There was nothing new age about this workshop at all, in fact it was the most grounded and real event I have ever attended and it felt like ancient age knowledge was being directly transmitted in a modern, 21st century, practical and accessible format.

Anaiya beautifully demonstrated and instructed us on many of the exercises and practices, disclosing more wisdom from the womb in that the womb is not just about child bearing, this power of creation can also be tapped in the birth of projects, careers, healing, spirituality, and relationships. However, because the womb stores the energetic imprint of every intimate encounter??loving or not??the creative voice of the womb is often muffled or absent, affecting the emotional, mental, and spiritual health of women and their relationships with men and all life. She then led us into specific exercises to clear and open the womb, allowing us to get rid of these unwanted energies and install healthy new ones, forming a new and healthy template from which to create our lives anew. There were many gasps in the room when one exercise was performed where we could actually see who was living energetically in our wombs. People were finding old boyfriends still in there preventing them for coming into full intimacy with their present partners. Some people found their parents in there, preventing them from fully stepping up into adulthood, as many light bulbs went on in the room about how important this womb work really is.

The most amazing “eureka” moment was when we were introduced us to the 7 gates of the womb, which are the labia, g-spot, clitoris, cervix and womb and the gates beyond. In men it flows through the testes, base and tip of the penis and down the shaft into the hara which is the male womb. Yes! Men have a womb too! Now that is what I call equality. Once here, in this womb space a whole new universe opens up, it is like journeying through deep space and has a life and a pulse all of it’s own. It is the universe inside, it’s like realising the outside illusion is just a projection from this space and everything comes from this space of black light within the centerpoint of all creation. Talk about light bulbs going on around the room at that instant – it was the most profound moment I have ever experienced, outside of looking at my new born daughter in the eyes. Tears welled up inside and I knew I had found the oracle and every answer I had ever sought was right here inside me. That in itself would have done it for me, if the intensive had ended right there and then, I would have been very happy with this new discovery, but there was more, so much more.

As the day went on we were introduced to a form of tibetan womb pulsing, another ancient practice lost in the underbelly of society. At first I found it a little odd as we were partnered up and one of the two lay on a mattress whilst the other one straddled on top and wombs and haras were connected. The one on top was giving life force energy via the womb and the one lying down receiving this life force via the womb. My partner was blown away at the release of old childhood pain, and when it was my turn to receive I was taken to a place of complete release where I coughed profusely from my lungs, releasing deep grief and a huge scream followed by ancient, repressed sobbing. A deep sadness had shifted, and I felt lighter and freer than ever before.

Anaiya and Padma gave a very moving talk on Sacred Union and as a couple in Sacred Union themselves, they both spoke powerfully about what it is and dispelled any mystery or fantasy about the common misconceptions on meeting your soul mate or twin flame. This brought tears of remembrance to many in the room. They explained that Sacred Union is about giving, not getting. To enter this holy space is entering the deep mystery. There are 7 gates along this pathway, or 7 veils. And all are opened by the different qualities of love, which involves dissolution of the “I”, when YOU no longer exist. Unconditional love is when the non-existence becomes love. You cannot master love, it can only master you! In the flow of unconditional love, no “I” exists. Each of the 7 gates leads to another piece of you being dissolved. To fully enter the womb space you cannot enter with aspect of “I” left. It is the feminine pathway to freedom. This opening to the womb and freedom is not for ourselves, it is for all beings and the selfless action of the Bodhisattva. They passionately explained that love resides in the heart, power resides in the womb and clarity resides when “no mind” has been reached. This formula allows you to create in truth.

It would seem that everyone who is writing new age material today has forgotten the womb. Yet it would appear evident that it is the last and vital missing piece to birth a new consciousness, a new functioning society that does not yet exist. Bad relationships are formed when the womb has been omitted, which is why there are so many divorces, so many dissatisfied sexual relations and very few people actually making love on the planet today. It would also seem evident that humanity still has a sense of love by being loved by another, but love needs to be the foundation within us. If we still feel the need to be loved by something or someone outside of ourselves then we are looking outside of ourselves to fill a hole, like a drug.

It begged me to ask the internal question, “Next time I contemplate a lover, is this individual able to give, with me, to the larger reality? OR ask myself….is this person coming to get from me as an individual? The former is the route to Sacred Union where two people are giving selflessly to the greater reality. What an amazing revelation. This also felt like another and very important missing piece which is about honour, grossly missing in todays society and so called “loving” relationships.

To finish, we were introduced to an ancient Aramaic exercise, originally practiced by the three Mary’s during the time of Christ, which was breathing into the womb and singing out from the heart centre. It was a very powerful experience, whereby we lay on our backs in a birthing position. It seemed like we were doing this for minutes, but in fact we had been doing this for about an hour! As I closed my eyes at the end, I felt as though I was transported to a different dimension, feeling lighter and shifting into a completely new way of living and being, reconnecting to the web of life and a new vibrant reality never experienced before.

As we departed, I saw faces that were once wrinkled and worn through time and pain turned into shining smiles, beaming a new light. I now venture into life navigating from the womb, the true essence of my being, and hold deep gratitude in my heart for Padma and Anaiya who have so lovingly and through sheer divine dedication devoted their lives to bringing these truths through for all humanity to experience. The Holy Grail is a mystery no more, it is right here inside of us, in the last place we would ever have thought of looking.

Womb Wisdom retreats are now being taught in the UK by Anu Sophia and Anaiya will be teaching Womb Wisdom 2 in France in September 2010. The book Womb Wisdom is published by Inner Traditions Bear & Co. worldwide in February 2011.

For event listings: www.christblueprint.com/events or email anusophia@wombwisdom.me

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