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Give reasons why the new world order is not going to happen?

Everybody keeps saying why the new world order is going to happen, and how it is just a matter of time. No one ever gives a single reason why it won’t happen, so I am hoping somebody can give me some reasons why the new world order will not happen. Also could someone please fill me in on how they would decide the overall leader and who that would be. Please don’t answer giving reasons why it will happen just reasons why it won’t. Thank you.


  1. People have been labeling different shifts in american politics a NWO for decades. There is never a new world order, simply changes in the country.

  2. The internet. It has broken their monopoly on information, the best they can do is muddy the water with disinformation and red herrings but the true facts are getting out.

  3. If the sheeple will wake up and stop being distracted then it might be stopped. Many people in power have been very successful in controlling the masses. We need numbers, education and have to fight this and it won’t happen.

  4. Because the insane people who say this have been saying it continuously for decades, but none of them can explain why it’s in anyone’s interest for such a thing to happen, what form this “new world order” will take, or anything else. The theory is so deeply stupid, and so obviously based on earlier insane theories about the Masons and the Illuminati that it just doesn’t merit more discussion. On the one hand these cranks claim that the NWO controls everything, but on the other hand they think that their rag-tag group of basement-dwelling tinfoil-hat wearers can stop it. Makes no sense. Lacks basic internal coherence.
    If you have to quote the New Testament, or call detractors names, to “prove” your point then the obvious conclusion is that you don’t have a point.

  5. If all the people were gone it would work. Look at the U.N. never an agreement. The bully’s want to remain leaders corps. Another fine example would be the USA senate.

  6. When things start to get really bad, and people start loosing their internet, phone and electricity, and are left with barely no food, they will have free time to go on the street and make a change.

  7. It has always failed in the past. The quest for “world domination” has always exhisted and it has always FAILED. The masses are being awakened too quickly for their agenda to play out. We as a people are too strong in comparison to a measly inbred few of “elites”. Evil never prevails, the internet and shear amount of information has led people to rely on themselves for info rather than the media… etc..etc..
    Additionaly, to those who think “the book of revelations” suggests that it WILL happen… the book of revelations was written when christians were under heavy scrutiny. They wrote letters in “code” to each other in order to avoid imprisonment or death. Therefore, it is not a tool to disclose the future.

  8. easiest reason why we are safe, the only information people have is the internet! how is that a reliable source? when it comes down to it, for everything that happens, good or bad, theirs always a conspiracy, and a good conspiracy cannot be proven, this on the other hand, is just mentioning groups that have been around for years, if they were planning on doing anything crazy like enforcing martial law and/or controlling people, I can assure you we would not have the slightest clue. the point is, everyones not going to agree on one system, hence the reason we aren’t one country. you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

  9. I have also the same question.
    Many guys out there, not only say NWO will not happen but say its a impossible theory.
    Why nwo is impossible? Why they think nwo is a impossible thing?
    Unlike op I am not asking for reason of why it will not happen or the conspiracy is fake. The point here is why people think this is a impossible thing to happen.
    While I am not a “hey nwo will happen in next decade” guy, in my opinion nwo is not a impossible concept, like as some example faster than light travel without time travel

  10. Well I’m 15 and me and my family are getting ready for it the illuminati is apparently working with all governments so they have the drones ready they confiscated my friends family to FEMA Because their Christian look there’s concentration camps way in forests or woods near you. Make sure to not get the chip in the hand or head it’s a mark of the beast and it has serial numbers (666) I do a lot of info on Shit and this may happen it may not I’m just waiting if it does you just have to fight and die. God will approach later and will defeat and then may restore peace once again but I’m a true Catholic and beware add me on facebook Tj Nightingale I got more info I know a lot so add me and I’ll tell you info!


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