Gift of scrying? Can it develop later in life?

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Recently, I have been “seeing” things…in my crystal ball, in reflections, and even when I am trying to sleep, with my eyelids closed, but my eyes facing forward, looking at the back of my eyelid. I see figures, animals, shapes, homes – basically, scenes sort of playing out. They aren’t very clear, but clear enough for me to see that they are “something”.
My great uncle was born with a “veil”, although they burned it at his birth as back then, it was considered evil. They say a gift like that can be passed down in a family.
I have never had this “ability” before. Could it be developing over time? Or am I just wishing for the impossible (or unlikely)?

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Who, knows. There are no experts on it. Those who believe, believe. Those who do not, do not. Question is, do you believe in your ability or not.


You maybe just dreaming before you get into deep sleep. Not only that, you did not explain if seeing these things or objects mean anything at all. We all can imagine and “see things” in our mind but does these things in your head have meaning? Or do maybe it is all of your imagination and you are willing these thoughts?


a few people feel they have ‘the gift’ – if this is you then you are blessed – as for it coming later in life, this may be because when we are younger we have such busy lives we either ignore it or are perhaps a little frightened by it – now you have to time to develop and nurture your ‘gift’, good luck, many blessings, Lilith

Michael F

People believe an amazing variety of things. I think that you may wish to consider the idea that, as you said, you are “wishing for the impossible (or unlikely) and are making more out of commonplace mental images then there really is.
People experience their senses in differing degrees. Some people can very clearly visualize images; others don’t. Are more visually-oriented that other people you know? Are you artistic or do you deeply appreciate good art?
Perhaps you do have a gift. But before you start thinking you are psychic, consider the number of charlatans out there that claim to have powers–John Edward, the Pet Psychic.
If you start to see violent images, or hear voices, see a counselor-right away.


Scrying can be developed at any time but you must be able to foucus on what you are scrying for once you can do that anything is possible. As far as what you are seeing it sounds like someone is trying to tell you something and your gifts are becomming stronger as you age. Does anything you see ever happen? Or do you ever feel like you have seen something before it happens ?

Bloody Adalwolf

Q: why can`t gypsies have children?
A: because they have crystal balls


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