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ghost and auras?

I can see auras, and I can see engery that looks like people. Can any one else see the colors, and the movement around things? .


  1. i can’t but that would be amazing if i could. normally i can guess things before they happen tho…im still kinda developing that i guess…it is pretty cool sometimes tho. especially when i know what ppl are gonna say, or even order at work!!
    but back to you…cherish your gift!

  2. ghosts are cool. i think i might have seen one before but maybe it was a figment of my imagination. i tend to over use my imagination.

  3. Most people can’t… so either you’re lying, or you just have the gift of doing so. If you really concentrate, you can almost see an ‘aura’ or energy fields, but also it could just be a product of the imagination. You’re probably not actually seeing anything at all. You’re eyes are playing tricks on you.
    Now ghosts on the other hand, many people see them. I however have never in my entire life seen a ghost, but I’ve felt presence. Weather or not the dead are haunting our realm, a lot of people have done research on this topic to find at least that whatever it is, alive or just remains, is moving energy.

  4. Yes! I call myself a lousy medium…in that I don’t see people or colors just shapes. It’s particularly useful to determine when people are lying…the aura flares. I can also see spirit guides. Rather a startling ability. I feel so much better knowing that I’m not the only one who sees what I see!

  5. I also see the auras around people. It is a gift that you should work on. Everyone has some degree of ability, but some are more pronounced than others. It is an energy field around all objects. Animals can see our auras. It is part of their survival.
    The different colors you see represent different energies. If you go to http://www.circle-of-light.com/Metaphysical/auras.html you can read about what the different colors mean.


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