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Getting rid of negative energy?

I have this horrible feeling that for a long time now i’ve got some type of negative energy/spirit… something attached to me and that’s why i’m in such a funk. I don’t even know if i believe in such things but i’m beginning to…what can i do?


  1. Go to the nearest Scientology Church! You have engrams! They will help you (for a hefty fee). Or you could just take a long hot bath and maybe feel better in the morning.
    I am truly sorry for causing any offense. I had already answered a few Scientology questions and that’s what this question made me think of. I wasn’t trying to be offensive to anyone, although I was poking fun at Scientology. I apologize for that too, it wasn’t kind.

  2. You could try burning a Sage stick to help cleanse the energy around you. That’ll only work though if it’s left over energy. If it’s a spirit you could always try telling it to leave. If that doesn’t work and it’s more complicated your best bet is to do some research to see what/why this is attatching to you. Did you just move into a new place? Have you been playing around with the supernatural? There could be many explanations.

  3. be optimistic…things will only get worse if you start thinking like that…keep telling yourself that everything will be ok…
    everyone will have to face difficulties in life and that doesn’t mean there is some negative spirit in you…..stop believing in such things…..

  4. Ask yourself, if you ever met you on the streets,would you like yourself? Most would hate themselves, so make the changes, and others that meet you will like you too. Then negative energy lessens. Nobody has to tell you that they don’t like you for you to know. Even with a smile on your face you can tell a bad vibe. If you’re true, others are too.

  5. Here are some great ideas!
    1. Burn sage. This is a very common remedy, but it may not be enough. Read on…
    2. Burn dragon’s blood incense. (See the first link I’ve included below.) You can get it at most incense and Wicca shops. It usually comes in hard clumps in a little bag and looks brick-colored. You will also need to get self-igniting charcoal “dishes” at the same kind of shops. Place the charcoal piece on a thick piece of flat rock or stone and light it. When it has turned white across the surface, it is time to sprinkle some of the dragon’s blood incense on top. It will create a thick smoke. Carry this around your home and leave doors and windows open to release negative energy. Add more as desired.
    3. Pour salt across the thresholds of your exterior doors (and optionally, the window sashes). This is supposed to drive away evil and keep it away.
    4. Try acupuncture! I did it several times and it felt like demons were leaving my body. A wonderful sensation!
    5. Meditation can help a lot. It can be hard to do, but be patient as your learn to do it.
    6. Keep lavender sachets near you.
    7. Try a sauna or steam room (or just turn the hot shower on in your bathroom with the door closed) to release lots of sweat and toxins. Also try taking a hot shower, then immediately turn the water to cold and go back and forth for 10 times or so. This causes blood to move deep through your internal organs and helps cleanse your body and spirit.
    8. Cover all of your mirrors for one day.
    9. Pray or seek the counsel of a religious person, therapist, teacher, or wise relative.
    10. Find copies of Reader’s Digest at your library and read the “Laughter is the Best Medicine” section. In fact, find anything funny to read or look at (books and pictures). There’s plenty online. Let yourself laugh heartily!
    11. Conversely, sometimes crying can release negative energy. Find a quiet space and think of something sad about the world or from your past and allow yourself to cry. Then make a nice cup of tea or warm milk and sip slowly.
    12. Drink garlic tea, which is much tastier than you’d think: 5-6 cloves of garlic, crushed; boiling water in a mug; a little cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and a big spoon of honey. Cover and steep for 10 minutes. Drink as often as you want. Also try wearing a peeled garlic clove under each foot in socks when you go to bed. It is also important to eat and drink good things and to chew them well, especially clean, raw produce.
    14. It’s okay to be superstitious (such as my omitting the number 13 here), but don’t allow yourself to go overboard.
    15. Try petting a kitten or puppy for a while.
    16. Chant to yourself a mantra, such as “away with all things negative.” Breath in through your nose and exhale the negative energy through your mouth. Also try focusing on removing negative energy and use your hand to gesture pulling the energy from your body and flinging away from you. Repeat as much as you want until you feel better.
    17. Keep a pad of paper or journal by your bed and write down your dreams. Look back at them in a few days or weeks and look for clues and patterns. Ask yourself before going to bed to dream about what can be done to release negative energy.
    18. There is also much power in positive thinking, what is known as “cognitive therapy” (see the second link below). Research proves that even pretending you are happy actually makes you become happy and that believing that there is a bad spirit inside you or around you will help you to tell it to go away from you, that you have no desire for it to be near you.
    19. Go to a park and surround yourself with flowers and sunshine!
    20. Visit a deceased loved one if you can and talk to him or her about this and ask for guidance. You can also ask your guardian angels – we all have them, you know. Ask them to help you, to lead you onto the right path.
    21. Draw an image of the negativity, no matter how simple or weird or uncomfortable. The burn the piece of paper, saying “Be gone, be gone.” You can also just lay the piece of paper on the surface of a stream or river and let if float away from you. Visualize that the negative spirit is being swept away from your life!
    22. Light a white candle in a candlestick or in a jar half-filled with sand and put it in a safe window away from curtains and anything else. Let it burn all day or all night until it is gone. PLEASE be safe when burning candles.
    23. Is there some lovely music you can play that will comfort you? Anything that conjures up love will help you, because negative energy cannot stand the idea and power of love!
    24. Read about Buddha and his life or of the trials of Job in the book of Job in the Old Testament.
    25. There may be something that is troubling you – something you’ve done or need to do, guilt, or anger. Let it go – let it flow away from you.
    26. Buy a little “kitchen witch” or make yourself a miniature broom and keep it in your kitchen – the hearth of your home. Also try placing a small “guardian” statue or upright a section of a log outside your home, perhaps in a hidden place. You can also make a little cloth doll (a voodoo doll) and visualize while you are sewing it as being the negative spirit. Then you can stick it with pins, burn it, bury it outside, or tie a stone to it and sink it in a body of water.
    27. Place a large rock or stone near each toilet in your home. This is good “feng shui.” (See my third link below.) Another tip is to make sure your bed does not directly face the door of your bedroom. Also, try placing a penny (face up), an arrowhead or other small object above each window and door of your house (inside).
    28. Fill a large bowl with fresh, cold water and place it in a corner of your home for at least 30 hours. Such an action can “catch” bad spirits and can be done the same time you cover your mirrors. Carefully take the bowl outside and away from your home and pour it into the ground and say “I am free of you and you are free of me.” Let Mother Nature/Mother Earth take care of that bad energy!
    29. Consider having someone come to your home and have her or him bless it. This person could be a Buddhist monk, a “white witch,” a priest, an herbalist, or a spiritualist. Usually such a person will do this gladly for you for free or for a small donation. I think this is usually much more effective than paying a lot of money to see a Tarot card reader.
    30. Study the Kabbalah and learn about the Tree of Life. There are many online sources for free. You might also study Numerology.
    31. Look in hidden places for something in your home that does not belong there – be it a dead moth, a strange book you don’t remember owning, etc. – and get rid of it.
    32. Do not be afraid of negativity. Do not allow it to consume you like fire. Be strong and courageous. Face it head on!
    33. I wish you the very best and am sending positive energy your way! KNOW that you WILL feel better. Be receptive to the positivity of others, including the spirits of the trees, rocks, animals, the wind, the sun, the stars, and the moon.
    Frederic Kahler

  6. Have you ever noticed, when you go bicycling for an hour or so, you come home smelling weird? I think those are the toxic chemicals in your body being release. That’s why after a shower you feel great. Perhaps that is one way to get rid of negative energy. Or at least you will fill your lungs with a good amount of fresh air and you will feel good after the exercise
    = )

  7. In India we believed from time immemorial that salt will drive away negative energy.Thats why our ancestors recommended a holy dip in sea to wash your negative enrgy away.
    of late i am reading in books of some parapsychology published from west that “Yes! salt is the best purifying material to clear out a bad Aura from around your etheric body”

  8. you do a cleansing and rebuke the “evil”
    then again if you dont know what you are doing go to some one who would. AND not a witch doctor

  9. You have to stay upbeat and positive…I truly believe that no matter what has happenes in my life a solution is always forthcoming, and it is this that directs my life. Have faith that you are travelling ok…..if you feel down only you have the power to make a positive change .I am lucky enough to live on the beach and I find that walk soon revitalises my spirit.

  10. Your question leaves room for lots of more questions. In order to find the solution you would have to give the people more information about yourself/living area or state.
    There many reasons that could be the cause of your feelings from the place you live at, the area that you live at, your past life, your mind set, and etc. Some people here gave you some good ideas to start with.

  11. Spring clean. Literally. Throw the windows open for a bit (turn down the heat/air first, as the case may be) and just start cleaning.
    Wash the curtains, get the dust bunnies out…
    Use an earth friendly cleaner with a scent you personally associate with being clean (i.e. pine, lemon etc)
    When all is said and done, fix a nice fresh meal, and focus on the positive.
    If you don’t mind the smell of incense burn some incense to uplift your spirits.

  12. CHeck out Sukyo Mahikari. They believe in attaching spirits which can wreak havoc in your life. One of their main goals is to release the attaching spirits so people can live in peace.
    Note: This is not what I believe, but you still might want to check it out.

  13. Ask a tree to remove the negative energy. They are very good at taking away negativity and recycling it into the earth – whether it be a spirit, or entity, or a negative thought pattern or emotion.

  14. I went to see a spiritual lady a couple of years ago an she read me like a book she confirmed what another person first told me about what was really going on with me. they both told me that someone is very jelouse of me an put some type of spell on me to keep me down also i was told not only is there one with me but there is two i don’t understand ? i knew something was up because i felt an noticed a big change going on in my life. i notice when things start to go good for me all of a sudden it just turns on me. please help me make sense of all this . one more thing why do i need so many hundreds of dollars just to get my life back ?

    • I feel same too…some jelouse person has put spell on me or something….everytime things get going with me, they turn into negative right away. Also, i feel like there is a FULL STOP in my life..i can’t move ahead at all no matter what i do and everything goes wrong with me no matter what i do..it wasnt like that years ago…it got worse each year..seems like someone close to me has done something on me or someone has REALLY done spell on me for sure…..no matter how hard i work or what i do, nothing is being noticed, or liked, no positive results from anything at all. Also, people don’t like me for some reason even i help them or do lot of things for them, no one likes me or wants to stay with me at all. It feels like NEGATIVE energy or spell is around me all time and putting me down in everything….PLEASE HELP IF SOMEONE KNOWS WHAT SHOULD I DO.
      I READ ONLINE that taking bath with salt water would help remove negative energy, would it help with spell as well? Thanks!

  15. @miss understood A spiritual woman approached me yesterday and told me the same thing and as with everything she was saying she was spot on. That someone did something to me and my family out of jealousy and that’s why when everything is going great it does a 360 turn for the worst. Whatever ended up happening with you did she help you?

  16. I lierally just did this and it has worked thus far. From advice of a ‘trusted’ friend: I firmly told the spirit/entity to leave; Go back to where you came from. You are not waneted here. She said to say it w/ conviction and then turn your back on it. I did it and immediately felt tingling from the top of my head to my torso…I suddenly felt peaceful and less tense. My neck relleased and feeling of safety returned. (I did it again just to be sure…but it was gone. )
    I then lit sage and burned it in all corners of the ceilings, once again, telling, the spirit to go away and that it was NOT welcome in my home. I am now much happier, lighter.
    I want to take some of the advice from one of the writers (Mr. Kahler) in regardi salt on door-ways/sils. I agreed w/ all he wrote and will USE some of his ideas and tactics.
    I did this because I was feeling so tired for the past few weeks, negative, and then today finally saw a ‘black-shadowy’ presence (by my side) as I exited the car this late am. I knew something was not right.
    Thanks for this page…healing and healthy thoughts for all here.

  17. I feel l ike Ive been plagued by bad luck all my life , have had loads of really bad events through none of my fault, I try and stay poitive but so hard, I need some help I think , I feel powerless at times, I haven’t turned to drugs or anything , but I feel empty and alone.I try and not be bitter but its hard when you’ve give everything you have to give


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