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Getting over a breakup…?

I AM VERY EXCITED TO HEAR PEOPLES IDEAS….. well then, I recently had a breakup with my girlfriend of about 2 years now.. well heres my story.. i had first dumped her becuase i was scared of regretting not doing the things i wanted to do as a young adult (im 22 now), and so i didnt wanna hurt her feelings or ruin the relationship in the long run becuase of this.. after the break up, i was more than happy and felt great about everything, but then i realized im not the type of guy that will go out and get with random girls and all that junk, im more of a relationship kinda guy than just a player, (i wish i grew up in the wrong crowd sometimes!) and i also saw her one night mingling with other people, and a few guys… that really hurt me badly, and thats when i regretted breaking up with her cuz i knew that this was going to inevitably happen, but decided to break up anyway… well to make a long story short, i talked to her the very next day about getting back, she refused n said i should wait a lil, which i did. after a few weeks of jealous torture, we got back together and i coudlnt be happier and thought we were both doin great… untill a few weeks ago, she said maybe we got back together too soon, and that maybe we should go on a break… and now my heart is crushed, i feel as if the tables have turned completely and i feel how she felt and she feels how i felt, but we decided to stay friends tho… is this a sign of karma?.. well my main question is somewhat irrelavent to my story but..: CAN ANYONE HELP ME GET OVER HER BY ANY OTHER WAY THAN JUST GETTING WITH SOMEONE ELSE? I say this becuase I find it really sad when i see how guys post up answers like “replace her with another girl” cuz i really think people shouldnt be so dependant on others to be happy (i for one am as guilty as charged with this syndrome!!, but trying to overcome it by learning from experience).. also, ive decided to just give her some room and see how things go, but at the same time i dont kno how much longer i can stay in this state of mind of feeling right about getting back toghether… sorry i know this was long and a bit confusing, but ill try to clear this up as much as possible if need be…… CHEERS!
Does this really make me a jerk?


  1. wow you sound like a jerk, but the secret for me to instantly get over a break up is vigorous masturbation until you are dry and alcohol hey it might sound messed up but i guarantee you will not think about her at all and will feel much better 🙂

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