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Getting a true tarot reading online?

Can you really get a true reading of your tarot cards online? If so is anyone out there willing to try my reading?


  1. NO. That is jibberish and a joke. NO ONE can tell you anything about nothing concerning what will happen to you or when. You are playing with Black Majick and could open very dangerous Spirit Doors that you cannot close. . .

  2. I don’t know a good site, however the first comment/answer I saw on here was talking about black magic, tarot readings are not black magic,it doesn’t open any doors. It is simply the reading of the tarot based on certain things.

  3. your supposed to shuffel the cards while thinking of a question so i dont see how ur going to get a reading online or the phone

  4. it depends on how well the person is really… hey i can do runes. even online friends i do readings and get a ton of insight (i’m a pretty good psychic depending on the person) i can TRY to get a connection to you. but if it isn’t strong. i will tell you never mind.
    but you must be a believer and confident in what i have to say. if you have msn its xxpsy_stephyxx@hotmail.com
    lol? who gave me a thumbs down.
    you jealous much or something?
    runes are pretty similar to cards.
    just much different at the same time
    if you dont have msn and you WOULD like me to try to do a reading, just edit your question with your email.
    but if that was you that gave me the thumbs down then never mind lol.

  5. tarot readers cannot tell your future unless they see you in person
    and yes people, you can tell the future, the future is based on the past

  6. There is zero evidence to suggest an online Tarot reading is any more, or any less accurate than using physical cards. It is an entermainment medium, as any fortune telling superstition is merely that, and so vaguely worded and interpreted that they will all have a same “accuracy” rate.


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