Genuine bad luck, life's learning period, psychic attack or a SPELL/CURSE?





Imagine deciding to pick urself up,brush urself off and go on with ur life after each incident of bad luck u experience.
Now add more unforseeable problems & then the unimaginable… your worse case scenario. Bring in ur efforts to recover, & combine it with the simplist of things going belly up or having a catch. Even dead certs bail out. Oh and those ‘friends’ u have always and unconditionally helped in the past, well they have more important things to do.
Merge this with 4 young lives to consider, and multiply it all by 38 months. Finally sit back & reflect. What now?


  1. what now is … get up , get strong and go on
    we all have periods like this … some worse than others , none less trivial to the person
    i believe them to be learning periods
    i am overcoming them also
    my father passed away in January , my mother just had a stroke , my sister is also ill , my husband is unemployed and ill , i have 3 children , it can feel as though it goes on and on and on
    but i am strong , i try to help those around me who need help …
    i have learned so much about myself and others through this
    dont give up , but get strong xxx

  2. sounds like easy street compared to bits of my life. still, life goes on, an i do have thing to be thankful of. things can only get better

  3. It does sound like a rough ride…
    Somewhere in those 38 months are the tiny little moments of four young lives that did bring a glimmer of hope. (find them)
    Sit back and reflect on them instead.
    And yes it is Hard. (Very Hard)
    So ‘What Now?’
    It’s your life…
    Which moment are you going to start reflecting on them?
    The next moment?
    Next week?
    Next year?
    Or this moment?
    Because it is not until this moment that you have asked ‘What Now?’
    Take your hands and rip a hole in time, to consider four young lives that are still young but a little older than the time you posted your message.
    Best Wishes.

  4. I’ve been there. It is a period of (spiritual) awakening and it isn’t easy or pleasant, but necessary. It is difficult to learn that friends can be friends in name only and when the going gets rough, they bail. You may enter a quite period without all those friends and this is a time for listening and inner growth, so do not be discouraged. The horizon is better and can’t be hid forever. When you sit back and reflect, look to a new dream, maybe smaller, but do not dwell on why the evil, because your growth is not there nor is there understanding in it. Understanding comes from passing from it, rather than bringing it with you daily. What now? You will be looking in entirely new arenas of life for answers and guidance. Keep your hope and faith.

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