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Generally, would it be better to do Hatha Yoga an hour EVERY day or every OTHER day?

Because I heard that all exercises give better results if you do the session on one day and rest on another. But I am asking about Hatha Yoga in this case, because it isn’t a vigorous exercise, I thought it could be better to do that every day? What do you think?
Thank you!


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  2. As a yoga therapist i always tell my students to do yoga daily and if they say that at least on
    Sunday let us take rest, my answer is then you should give rest to your stomach also so
    No Yoga, No Food. You are right other exercise are too strenuous so they need to be done
    on alternate days but yoga should be and can be done daily unless of course you are ready to give your tummy a rest. Hope this satisfies your query. Good luck and God bless.

  3. I would suggest practicing 6 days a week, and giving yourself one day of rest. Also try to give yourself a rest on moon days (new and full moon) .
    Good Luck : )


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