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Gender Studies – How do you keep in shape?

Just looking for new ways. I do Kundalini Yoga (taking class) and belly dancing (on my own). I’m thinking about taking ballroom dance lessons since I like it so much. But, I always like to learn new things. So, how do you stay fit?
Grow up, HHH. It will do you so much good. 😉
No, PC. I am aware of how lucky I am. I’ve seen other women my age who are much heavier or have cellulite or other issues that bother them. I am just a very anxious type. I also smoke and I’d like to quit. I just want to have a really good plan to stay busy so I once I quit I don’t go back.
(But HHH, because I know you miss me, I added two new pics to my profile. You are welcomed to look at them to see how fat I got. They were taken at the end of March.)
Thanks to all. Lots of new ideas. Yes, I would like Salsa and Zumba. 😉 Sex goes without sayin’. C’mon. 😉


  1. I see you preoccupied on body sgape, because you are already born with a genetic advantage of skinny…You enrage a lot of femininists.

  2. I brisk walk with my dog everyday and I don’t eat greasy fast foods(only once in a while). I cook all my food at home no processed frozen meals.

  3. walking
    eating not gorging.
    30 push ups and sit ups a night
    All those help me keep my 6 pack/pecs toned and don’t involve much effort.
    Idk what i suggest for you. But once I got to the look I wanted from working out, I just made sure I maintained that. It wasn’t too difficult to get a 6 pack though…. I guess I’m gifted with a good metabolism?
    Btw, If you do pick recreation sex as a motivator make sure you play the dominate roll while in bed to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Also be sure to have the male wear protection, bring some with you.

  4. I love to surf, it really does keep you in shape because you’re having so much fun, you do not realize how much calories you are burning just by swimming all day. Or you could try some beach volley ball, that’s really good in building up your calves, if you want to tone up your upper arms and shoulders, you could try paddling a canoe, there are a lot of things one can do to try and stay in shape, but if you can find something you like that is fun to do, then stick with it. =P

  5. I hike whenever I get the chance, on walking trails, or in state parks or wilderness areas, and sometimes I do yoga. Basically though, I’m just lucky to have a high metabolism. I do eat pretty healthy, though. I’d say I eat about a 7.5 on a scale of 1-10 on the healthy meter. Example: today I had oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts for breakfast, and for lunch, homemade healthy black bean dip with bell pepper strips and tortilla chips, and for dinner, I’ll have a veggie stir fry.

  6. I take a brisk walk for about an hour. I do this 5 nights a week.
    It’s not enough though. I gotta start doing weights or kettlebells too.
    I should also get back into karate a couple nights a week.
    But for now its brisk walking.

  7. Drinking beers would make me keep a nice oval shape but that`s why I am doing
    Rowing – Running which for the last month I have barely did any.

  8. I am not so much in shape as I am thin, because I am always busy and have no time to sit about, and also of my diet which is vegetarian I think makes me thin, more than most people.

  9. I don’t do much. I really like to jog, but other than that I just do not eat a whole lot. Im really conscious of what I eat and how much I eat. Don’t want to get fat.

  10. Sex…
    …with my hand 😀
    You fat! I gotta check this out ; )
    And Trev I mean HHH, I’ve seen Fex and she is gorgeous! : ))))
    You ain’t fat in those pics! But you know, my eye sight ain’t what it used to be (too much internet porn). Send me some new shots in a bikini or something very revealing and I’ll let ya know…

  11. Weight-lifting
    Yoga (surya namaskar)
    Running- not at a constant pace
    Evening walks at the park
    Crunches every night until I’m about to cry
    Bowl of veggies, fruits, protein
    Deep breathing exercises
    I go at my own pace and am more concerned with the quality/intensity of the work out more than anything.
    The quote ” If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything.” is enough to motivate me.

  12. Walking and bouncing in place with shakeweights. Also my own version of Yoga, combining kundalini with other things. I can’t belly dance any more. See >http://www.mesmera.com< for teaching and dancing tapes. She's an e-friend of mine. :-)

  13. I’m a skinny girl. Always been. Here’s a few possible whys (though I don’t really know for sure which)
    1) I’m genetically this way. I guess you call it fast metabolism. I’ve noticed that all the people on my father’s side of the family are lean, and I’ve inherited many traits from him.
    2) I’m a teenager. We grow too fast to accumulate any fat.
    3) I eat rather healthy things. I like eating mildly flavored foods, and I think a meal is all wrong if there aren’t any greens in there. I love the taste of fresh organic food.
    4) My German Shepherd loves walks, so he takes me out and drags me along as he runs around and explores the neighborhood. I’d never run if not for him. He provides both company and safety.
    5) I’m tall, though maybe it’s just that I have Asian girl friends. I used to be 108lb, now I’m 118lb. I gained 10lb over the winter and I didn’t even notice it. Actually, I was convinced that I was getting lighter the whole time due to loss of muscle, since I wasn’t taking my dog out much with all the snow out.

  14. I am shocked at the answers that received the most thumbs down, saying they stay thin and eat healthy. I guess we have some real sensitive fatties in here.

  15. I’m lucky, having been born with long, lean genes – at 6’1″ and 175 lbs and aged 61 I retain my slim figure. I also live on five acres, with huge gardens and yards, and am building our house, so I get a lot of ‘work-outs’ in many ways every day.
    Just lucky, I guess. (Jonus) I used to run and be on my feet in one way or another lots – up to 18 hours a day (!!) – knees are shot these days.
    Smoking – DISCIPLINE! It’s your mind and body, after all. Stop immediately, and every time you feel the urge – take a deep breath of air while telling yourself that the air is much better than the smoke. Now that we’ve found you, we don’t want to lose you to an early heart attack or stroke.

  16. Right now I just eat healthy and lie on the couch all day, but things I’ve done when I was healthy:
    cheesy exercise videos (www.exercise.tv or http://www.youtube.com)


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