Gem/Crystal Healing Therapy?

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How does gem/crystal healing therapy work and how do you do it?

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It uses your mind’s power, if you believe it will work, it will work as well as using a placebo.


Visit Stephanie is very knowledgeable on the subject.

Dona Anya

A colleague of mine explained the healing power of crystals as follows: Crystals are shaped in the heat and pressures of the Earth. They grow and change, just like any other form of life. Simply put, everything is interconnected, and these crystals are here to help us.
How do they work? Well, that depends on how you ask:
– Some will say it’s the placebo effect – but that would give it a negative connotation. It could be that simply focusing the mind on healing causes the healing (as in a meditation) – in my opinion that would be a wonderful thing!
– On the other end of the spectrum, many believe that the particular vibration of a certain gemstone will cancel out or enhance the individual’s own vibration, thus causing the healing. Permeating out energetic body if you will.
– Others feel it is the colors in the stone that provides the therapeutic effect.
I believe it is a combination of these answers, depending on the persons mindset.
There are many, many ways to use crystal healing. I recommend picking up a book on the subject (ex: Healing Crystals and Gemstones: From Amethyst to Zircon by Flora Peschek-Bohmer ) to get a specific understanding of each crystals properties, but the easiest way is to simply go to a store and see what stone you gravitate to! Cleanse it, then focus on your intention on it and keep it with you. Crystals are also fantastic for chakra healing and energy work such as Reiki.
Have fun exploring and learning!

jane l

if you go to ebay and look in stores, then look in the find a store search and type in vibrational, you will then see vibrational jewelry by dawn, she will answer any questions you may have. the stuff is amazing!! I have bought lots of bracelets for myself and my family.
good luck Jane


I wish I could give you tons of information on this one, but all I can tell you about gem/crystal healing is the vibration of the stone is what effects the healing. Each stone vibrates at a different frequency. Some have energy stored in them that helps supplements the healing effect. This is very subtle energy, not perceived by many.


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