FUNCTIONS OF MIND, (view of Hinduism) Your opinion?

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Sensation, thought and volition are the threefold functions of the mind. Cognition, desire, volition are the three mental processes.
Mind has three states, viz., active, passive and neutral. Mind always wants variety and new sensations. It is disgusted with monotony.
Law of Association, Law of Continuity and Law of Relativity are the three principal laws of the mind. These are the characteristics of the mind, viz., change (Parinama), activity (Cheshta),suppression (Nirodha), ideation in action (Sakti), physical life (Jivana), characterization (Dharma).
Thinking, planning, feeling, knowing are the various activities that are going on in the mind. Sometimes you plan. Sometimes you feel. Sometimes you try to know. Sometimes you think seriously. Sometimes you will (volition). Volition brings all the mental faculties into play. You must be able to know by introspection what exactly is going on at different times in the mind.
Conscious mind or objective mind, subconscious mind or subjective mind (Chitta) and super conscious mind are three aspects of the mind. You see, hear and read with the objective mind.
Sensational mind, rational mind and intuitive mind are three aspects of mind according to another classification of Western philosophers.
Heart is the seat of four Tattvas óf Prana (Vital energy), Mind, Ahankara (Ego) and Atman. According to Vedanta, the seat of mind is the heart. Ajna Chakra, which consists of two lotuses and which is tentatively situated in the space between the two eyebrows, is the seat of mind according to the Hatha Yoga School.
Mind has various faculties and centers and operates through corresponding physical centers in the brain. Mind, Buddhi (Intellect) and understanding are in the Linga Sarira (Subtle body); but they operate through corresponding centers in the physical brain. The brain is not mind as the Westerners think. Mind has its seat in the physical brain. It gains experiences of this physical universe through the vibrations of the brain.
A king, though he has complete sway over his whole territory, though the whole kingdom belongs to him, has got special places for his residence. He has got a splendid palace in the capital
Source: Hinduism

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Radhakrishna( prrkrishna)

You have so explicitly answered yourself.
What is the question please?

Cliffnote's Verstion

Thanks for the info. I have to agree and say that this is absolutely very interesting. May I ask you from which site or book you got the text, if any?


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