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From where does the earth get energy to rotate?

Any object to do some work it must have some energy. Likewise form where does the earth get the energy to rotate arround the sun…


  1. It rotates on it’s axis around it’s orbit of the sun. During this orbit, the high velocity at which the earth moves about helps create the momentum that keeps the earth turning, and gives us TIME :). However, within the next 300 years, it is expected that the earth will begin turning in the opposite direction and we will be assed out =P TIME will go back into TIME, nah jk but it is gonna happen. According to mathematical crackheads. Also blame the physicists!

  2. All objects in space naturally are in motion no matter how slow, with sufficient mass, gravity adds to the motion, jupiter and the sun rotate in only 10 hours, neutron stars (the most dense) rotate several hundred times per second. The earth is slowly slowing its rotation about 1 second per century. The energy comes from its own gravity.

  3. It doesn’t. “An object in motion will stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force”. The Earth is in space, and has little force to act in opposition to it’s rotation, so it keeps on rotating. Many theories abound as to what got it going in the first place, but regardless what started it, it won’t stop until something comes along and stops it.

  4. When God created the heavens, he set the stars and the planets into motion such that we would have the day and the night and the sun, stars and moon to guide us, keep us warm and illuminate us. Once a body is in motion it tends to stay in motion (thermodynamics).

  5. The earth got its energy to rotate when it was formed. The energy from the velocity and momentum of the mass that came together in such a way that the earth was rotating.
    It is still rotating because their hasn’t been any force or energy applied to stop it.
    Remember, an object in motion will stay in that same motion unless something interferes.
    Actually, there are small interferences from gravity forces of the sun and other planets and the rotation is slowing, but not by much. (The earth’s rotation is slowing at a rate of about 0.005 seconds per year per year.)

  6. There are some very weird answers on this page! Anyway…
    The energy to rotate was imparted to the Earth during the formation of the solar system; and modified by interactions with the moon, sun, etc., over time. However, the impact of these bodies has been trivial…except for the moon…geological data suggests that the Earth has been passing some of its rotational energy to the moon (through gravity) and the moon has therefore been speeding up. At the same time, the Earth has proportionally slowed down.

  7. Revolving aroung the sun is a result of gravity. The earth is in a delicate balance between falling into the sun and flying off into space. Therefore around it goes. The rotation thing is different. The earth is a huge magnet whose poles reverse periodically. You now have an armeture, (the earth) and a current, (polar shifting). Do you recognize this? It’s an electric motor.

  8. the gravity exerted by the sun on earth as well as the earth’s own gravity are the reasonns why the earth rotates on its own axis

  9. The Earth doesn’t perform work by revolving about the sun or by rotating on its axis – aside from slightly distending other bodies (the moon and sun) through tidal action.
    This affect is so small that the Earth retains much of the momentum (about its axis and about the sun) conserved from the motion of the debris from which it originally coalesced.

  10. Ethan answered right. This explantion applies to all bodies in the universe like sun stars and galaxies.
    Everything rotates in this universe


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