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From one spirit to another… is spirit invocation, in any way, shape, or form, a reality?

However you want to define the term…Holy Spirit, non-physical being, incorporeal consciousness, supernatural being, the part of a person that leaves the body at death, essential nature of someone or something, etc…
Is it possible to invoke the spirit of someone on R&S?
How come?
neil s: you showed up when I called…that’s proof enough for me.
You have seen what many haven’t, and I’m curious about the “God of neil s”
Do you still explore dimensions of consciousness?
white_painted_lady: teacher…
Raji the Green Witch: *nudge*…not against their will, of course.(?)


  1. This is not a scientific question, as there can be no unquestionable verification. Therefor, we cannot “know” the answer in any reasonable sense of that word.

  2. Yes. Movement of the spirit is all possible here on R&S as well as on the internet itself because the typing that we do, and not speaking out loud physically but speaking from the voice inside our mind, or our hearts whichever it comes from within us is about the way we are as people on the inside. With that, when we type or think from within and can hear ourselves think or feel, than it is that we know we have an ear to hear. 😉
    Especially here on R&S because for many people (hopefully this is true with others), including myself, my beliefs as in the beliefs I discuss here on R&S is the spirit of what I believe inside myself. Not in my mind, but in my heart and so I do take a lot of things heartfelt here on R&S because my Faith in God is all I have. My Faith in God is the only true spiritual knowledge I know. All the things I do discuss here on the net about my spiritual knowledge is one I can and always will be open with because it is God who has taught me everything I know about spiritual power, and knowledge.
    :It is good to talk about the things that God has done for me. It is His will that people talk about the things that God has done from them, and showed them throughout life.
    There, it is easy to build an “internet” image of the way we portray ourselves to the internet world. Even when we say with the voice we have within us consciously it can bend, mold, shape, and form our lives on the outside and inside because people who live with all their heart and soul no matter if it is of good fruits or bad fruits ultimately believe what they have on the inside.
    The real question is: All the things that you say here on the internet, would you say them out loud to family, friends, and loved ones?

  3. Sunman, I don’t think it would be ethical to invoke the spirit of someone who is alive as their spirit is already inhabiting their body. Now after they have crossed over, then it would be acceptable to do so.
    Raji the Green Witch

  4. Assalamu ‘Alaikum
    I am in agreement with Raji.
    This is a dark art. This is part of the 64 arts and sciences.
    Some call this an unethical (Siddhi) – super-normal ability, and is looked down upon within certain circles.
    A human may place them-self in grave danger with this type of unnatural interference. It can cause the practitioner great physical harm. I have studied much concerning the Siddhis.
    Several so-called Guru’s, of recent times, lives were cut short because of practicing this type of a technique.
    The “Truth” is very simple. There are times when one sees a long discourse on a topic, driven to the intellectual boundaries of man, and then it collapses in a vain attempt to give an explanation. “Enlightenment” is but a faint shadow when placed near “Divine Luminous Wisdom”, some call this “The Seventh Level of Consciousness”.
    “Wisdom” is such a simple thing and when the mind experiences “Wisdom” for the first time , it quivers!
    “Peace be with you”

  5. Preface all that is said hereto as supposition, for safety sake, in that much if not most of what we say is but a three-dimensional quotation whose seed form germinated billions the years ago.
    That said, I am to assume you are using the word “spirit” to mean the central, living, sentient character, which on the physical plane runs a physical body. That is but one definition, which is some attempt to describe of what a “spirit” is and what is the fabric and nature of it, which attempt is next to impossible to succeed.
    The truth of it I have to gather — the forms and ways — can only be known, that is, out of respect for others, by the individual itself and shared by those who share like experience. Many mystics and souls of high merit used and use gestures and simply body language recognizable between them to give compass to their experiences, and to avert exclusivity, for they truly wish to share; a recognition to communicate certain experiences that can be had only in the inner planes for which words or books have no facility at conveying that do import meaning.
    Much of what we know or see is but what we have been given to know or see and as we have been taught and therewith come to accept as truth or reality — postulates.
    But if we get results with this, then fine. ‘That’ you do and what you do and how, is what imports.
    I do not see that this would be more invalid or an un-reality, certainly not on something so intimate as one’s spiritual beliefs and dogmas? Intent is everything, if I can use this expression.
    Of course, when looking closely at this optimally, these beliefs really are to catalyze and open us up, to get us moving, grounded, and which result for many when translated from out of the mind worlds, effectively can be considered regurgitations of a precedent and first conveyed by our betters or some figure of authority as we are given to abide and learn from in the schools for our edifications.
    Point is, what works for one has to be considered effective and valid. For one has only attempt to rob another of his or her beliefs to know what one is up against. One’s reality is not solely dependent upon empirical observation and precision but rather, is what is true to that person. ‘That’ is the truth and the doorway through which Spirit moves and acts; matters not if there is but one proponent of a method or millions of adherents of it.
    The true litmus test does not mandate words, in any case. But whatever is the incentive for establishing this anchor, one is right to consider that tool acceptable if it connects him or her in the unique way that is its own — called by some a faith or religion; by others, an experience, which conveys that this is Spirit and carries for us in some special way that truly and earnestly works.
    Hence, this is why there exists so many doctrines, scriptures, vortices or holy persons; each said to be ‘the’ [ or only ]means by which one is to have and know God. God has not some one star in the sky but untold billions [ Likewise, God has no one vehicle. Might we believe and accept this? ]
    Invocation is intent in this wise, in which one had only intend a thing and with lightning speed and at some preciously subatomic level that intent becomes material at once, whether apparent or evident. Invocation of course is quite aligned with intent — intent by the one who invokes and no less receptive to the one who is open to receive of it.
    If what I say can be believed and accepted again, that is, this alignment with the universes, then an invocation is but the indication of a most high intelligence of atoms and their and our corresponding affinity and innate potential to communicate to it and with it; a substrate or medium that exists everywhere all the time — we may call this the radiant Ether or Spirit or the Word or name it…
    Yet again, these are all but words.
    Many might agree that all is connected, and in that wise, all can be connected with — and by this, without exception. Each is accorded the privilege of an honor system and thus is to be used with neutral intent and not intended with dark or guileful force or intrusion of the space or will of others.
    When we think of a person, we are in contact with that person at once. When we proceed along a pathway of a given frequency and signature of energy, this too is a means of invocation. To know this and then intend it is the action already done. Accordingly, when we can picture or visualize a person or thing, even closer have we touched base with that person or thing. This is intent, an expression of invocation. It is all in alignment with certain laws amidst this great substrate which is given the poetical name, Life.

  6. You have ask the wrong question? Ask what is your reality; then ask what is a reality apart from yours? There are two aspects to reality. The ever changing relative and the unchanging absolute field of Being. Is your reality on the peripheral of Being or is it at the center? Is it both? The authority or the justification that you seek is within.

  7. The question is related with deep sense of spirituality. Let us first make an effort to discuss about Reality. The Brahman is regarded as a Real Identity who is completely independent,all powerful,full of love for His creation and internity free from imperfections. The love aspect of Brahman manifests itself in the form of grace which is sought by His devotees. According to Hindu religious (Vishnu Puran),Brahman has six characteristics(potencies): knowledge,energy,power,Lordship,might, and glory. No one else can match these qualities which are absolute nature. These characteristics can be considered as spirit one to another having way as discussed no shape or form as one can find above characteristics. I thank to the questioner to ask question related with the knowledge of persons in the spiritual sense.


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