From an outsiders Point of view did you realize Christianity comes across like a Necromancer Voodoo Cult?

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Rob R

this is the point where you explain why


actually yes.

The Lad Himself

Hadn’t escaped my attention, matey-spliff!

John D

No. I am sure you are itching to tell us why, so please do so.


Why did you said so? Do you have any proof on that?


Well, if I knew what a Necromancer Voodoo Cult was I might be able to answer your question.

RU4 real?

That would be because outsiders have no understanding of our beliefs. Some of them are tolerant of others beliefs though, something you should work on.


You actually made Christianity sound interesting for a second there.
Well, I mean, seriously. What do we have? A Jewish zombie carpenter promising eternity in paradise, and all he has to do is get the shit beat out of him spend three days in Hell, and then spend eternity next to God in Heaven waiting for us.
Jesus had a bad weekend for your sins. Sorry, not terribly convincing.


even from an outsiders point of view im quite sure your exaggerating and if your arent youve been subjected to either some very EXTREME christianity or very MILD voodoo!

John F

Voodoo schmoodoo. Get rid of the hat cat


That is only your View, because you said as an outsider

Monkeyhead [Kipperfarti]

Whoooooooa way too big a word for them, they haven’t worked out what the word Christianity means yet.

victimless criminal

that makes christianity sound pretty cool actually…

healing wings

Nah, the necromancer dead meat worshiper is quite the opposite, and just dead meat.

A Beth of Fresh Air

I guess that would depend on which Christianity you are talking about, and whether it started in Jerusalem or Rome.


If you let your gulabul mind take over it can make you believe anything. You continue in believing that and will see where you go when you die 🙂

Barney R

And a person that wears tinfoil on their head to reject demons from outer space comes across as not someone that I would consider a reliably source of information, food, or reliable postings on Craigs List.

I blame Jane!

I am not surprised you think that way at all. The gospel is offense every way you look at it, and always has been. There’s nothing about the cross that fits in comfortably with how man views himself or his condition. The gospel confronts man and exposes him for what he really is. It ignores the superficiality of life. It ignores the disappointments that he feels. It offers him no relief from the struggles of being human. It, rather, goes to the profound and eternal issue of the fact that he is damned and desperately needs to be rescued, and it is a rescue that can only be accomplished through death, and God, in his mercy, has provided a substitute. The indictment of the sinner then, adds another component to the barrier of believing in this cross, therein the sinner must come to the attitude of the publican in Luke 18 and pound his breast and cry out for mercy.
“For consider your calling, brethren, that there were not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble. But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong; and the base things of the world and the despised God has chosen–the things that are not–that He might nullify the things that are, that no man should boast before God.”
Paul was scorned for his unimpressive persona, wasn’t he? His presence was unimpressive and his speech was absolutely contemptible. He had a bodily condition that was repulsive. Some scholars think he had some terrible stuff oozing out of his eyes. I mean, he would not have had the look that you sort of have to have to be the slick entrepreneurial guy today. He was just baked clay, but that was okay with him because that was the way God had designed it, and that made it very evident where the power was.


Yes. If you petition a cosmic zombie he’ll make your wishes come true and give you life beyond the grave.


A Christian acknowledges the spiritual world and the occult.
No doubt much of the entire walk of the people of God has included divination or prophesy or the foretelling of the future by supernatural (God) means.
God, Jesus and the holy spirit are not dead. We do speak to them often. They are very much alive. We do not speak to our dead relatives although it is made clear that there is a spirit world around us, which we are warned to steer clear of.
Our Christian ancestors are very much alive in heaven.
The original practice of Vodum (or voodoo) by West
Indians and African cult worship contains elements borrowed from the Catholics.
Christianity is not about conjuring up ghosts from the past. It is about a relationship with our creator. It is not about conjuring or magical solutions. Through faith there may be solutions which may seem supernatural, however these are of God. Not of man. Mixing with the occult to entice the help of a spirit (or likely a demon) is not of God and I think, is very dangerous.


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