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From a spiritual perspective?

…The external universe is viewed as infinite, unfathomable and unlimited in depth. As humans we explore the outer cosmos habitually searching for answers and truths for our reality externally, habitually ignoring our internal world. The vast majority of humanity is engrossed in their own subjective world, a world perceived through an individual identity which has been created and projected by the ephemeral mind and ego. Can it be said that the inner universe is as immense, magnificent and breathtaking as the outer? Is the largely ignored internal universe as infinite, limitless and boundless as the external universe? Can the solutions man kind seeks externally, exploring outer space, the oceans etc.. seeking reality without be solved by simply and collectively shifting our focus to the world within?
Your thoughts please?


  1. Yes, the solutions we seek are found within, and what we are seeing externally right now is the state of humankind’s inner process, collective inner process. That is why we are looking out into space and not into the mind ( and beyond it), or at least why such research is not as heavily funded.
    Great Q.

  2. yes, but who does this. I am sitting here on Y/A instead of looking into the vast creative world where I know my thoughts are & then go out to create my reality. My husband & I love to travel & love staying in a hotel & were laughing this morning our 30 year old son is now living in a hotel. He took a job transfer & he is in S CA. which I would like to go to but live in MD. The co. he works for is paying for him to live in a hotel to for him to fly back to the E. coast every other week. He gets up swims goes to the Gym. Makes a great income. Has all his house work done for him. I am saying all this cause I know I always wish the best for others but don’t do it for myself & I think this is why he is living this way. I wanted to travel the world & when he is finished this project he will be sent to other places…So I am seeing my son project my thoughts through the life he is experiencing. Of course, he wanted these things too but was open to acting them out. I had asked him a few days before he knew about the transfer, what he would like in his life & I said “adventure?” then I stopped because I didn’t want to give him ideas but he said he would like that so I focused on him having positve adventures. ..Now what can be done with this inner focus & how should be go about doing this. Yes, I do believe it is all within first.

  3. Jesus Said that The Kingdom of GOD is INSIDE of you and OUTSIDE of you.
    The Kingdom of GOD Also Makes the Physical World Possible.
    It’s Deep, Very Deep.
    “Man” is a Deep Subject.

  4. Are we sure that the external universe is infinite? It could be that it is finite.
    Psalm 90
    2 Before the mountains were born
    or you brought forth the earth and the world,
    from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

  5. I love your insightful questions.
    Yes, I believe that the outer universe is as magnificent as the inner because if all I know and perceive as love and do not attach judgment, then my universe is ever expanding loving consciousness and includes all things, all experiences all Life and all is truly well and beautiful.
    For myself, all that I survey on the outside is a substitute for Source, which Is me and I am already equipped with everything. Now, when I understand that what I see is not what I NEED to Live, perhaps…I will know that I have always been free.

  6. I agree. In fact, exploring the internal and accessing the inner being is far more effective as we would be in a assured and firmer ground with understanding that is holistic, peaceful and enriching. Exploring outer has been piecemeal, divisive and loosing connection to the entirety of Reality thereby giving us inaccurate perception of truth. Hence, it does not always render peace and harmony. The Inner Exploration can overcome all those deficiency in the exploration of the outer realm. Outer, at best, is prosperity but without peace, Inner always prosperity with peace!
    What is more, it has been the experience of many realized soul that when we are in our true, inner being, we discover that inner being is always connected to the whole, to everything that exist. Hence, knowing/being inner is actually knowing all, including external!

  7. What exists only inner universe.The feeling that it exists outside and
    contrary to us is only due to self delusion.Everything exists within us only.The consciousness within when viewed through spectacle of mind it appears as universe.The relation between consciousness and the universe is like rope and seeing the rope as snake due to delusion.What exists is only one reality.

  8. The only real solutions, from my perspective (though i’d prefer to eradicate the “i”), are “soul”utions directly from Source, heard only when the outer senses quiet and the inner channel is unobstructed, thereby “receiving” with utter clarity and certainty. As we have seen, searching is an endless quest done by a being limited through its own mind; whereas the inner universe (Source/All That Is/God) is an unbounded, eternal, infinite array of possibilities fed through our vehicles, when in attunement to the Divine in every moment, balanced and true, aligned and congruent with All That Is as it is. The inner “universe” supplies Its perfect solutions to us if we will open our channels, free of ego diversions, obstacles, and debris. Indeed, it is a matter of focus…letting go (of ego’s dreaming illusions) and letting Source provide guidance from Its omnisciency and omnipotency while acknowledging Its omnipresence in all manifestation.
    i am Sirius


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