From a meta-physical standpoint 'How is the passage of time perceived by the recently deceased?





Does time equate equally for the recently deceased, or from a psychic perspective, are they ‘outside’ of linear time? In other words, does a month of time pass the same for a recently deceased consciousness, as it does for us in the physical 3d world? Any insights , theories, or beliefs are welcome. Let’s hear em’. THANKS EVERYONE.


  1. my view:
    or in other words its a matter of context and need. I think that there are some contexts where time passes very similarly… but other situations where time can be warped greatly.
    where for us, linear time is pretty thoroughly attached to our awareness(or vice versa) for the no longer corporeal, this attachment is not nearly as firm.
    but then again you could look at it a different way, and view that time doesn’t really exist for any of us, so any appearance of time, corporeal, incorporeal, or difference between the two “time streams” is illusory.
    I think its some of all of the above.

  2. You enjoy an unexpected angle?
    I heard, last night, from my only daughter, whom I aint seen for 7 years, & had thought she was dead
    & I told her, on the phone, that the amazing timing was that, within the last week, I’d heard 3 different Christian TV speakers talk @ the Prodigal Son, who’d wasted his inheritance on prostitutes & riotous living, in a far distant country, till he found himself eating the husks that he fed the pigs, & said, “I’ll go home & tell dad, ‘I don’t deserve to be called your son: just make me one of your servants”
    The dad had watched daily
    He saw the son in the distance, hitched up his robe & ran to meet him, however undignified that was in those days
    “My son, whom I thought was dead, is alive!”
    & each had pointed @ camera & said, 2/3 times, “Your prodigals are coming home!”
    I told her that what’s also amazing is that I’d earlier shared with folk in here – (my last reply, I think) – that I’d earlier found myself praying for ex colleagues who I’d told, 40 yrs ago this month, @ many endtime Bible prophecies
    & I aint seen Phil, Danny & Howard (of Birkenhead District Valuers) since either: hi if U R out there, guys!
    Just as we old guys can recall decades ago like it was yesterday, so eternity is outside of time
    Choose eternal bliss via faith in Christ’s atoning sacrifice, not eternal, conscious torment thru rejecting Him as Lord & Savioiur
    Btw, she’s now a goth, who likes Marilyn Manson & Korn & Dieform
    But, @ age 14, she’d asked Jesus into her life
    Pray folk from etc can win Manson back to what he was taught at Christian school
    & did you know that an ex-Korn guitarist came to faith in Christ, years ago, & sings for Christ now?
    He was interviewed on very recently
    As did 3 ex-members of Black Sabbath, who still pray for Ozzy O
    Must go
    Time to shower & get train to Rhyl
    Sorry I can’t make the group meet @ Chester Zoo @ 1pm
    No time

  3. Time on the other side, or astral plane, or spiritual realm, does not exist.
    When we have OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) we enter into the dimension (or realm or plane) of non physical consciousness, where non-physical beings including those who have passed on, exist and live.
    Some who Astral Travel regularly, meaning they have Out of Body Experiences regularly, have lived entire lifetimes in the Astral Plane, then returned to their body on earth and only 5 minutes of time passed.
    We live in a multidimensional universe. Death is an illusion; there is only transformation. Energy does not dissipate, it just changes forms.
    These are truths you can learn and experience for your self simply by learning the techniques of having OBEs. See you in the Astral Plane brother!

  4. Without thought there is no time. Since the dead have “no thought” it is as if the clock stopped.
    (Psalm 146:4) 4 His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; In that day his thoughts do perish.
    Only by being brought back to life, does time start for them again. That will occur in the resurrection described in Revelation 20.

  5. Okay this is how it works bro…
    For consciousness to exist there must be computed stimulation from the exterior world through sense organs….when you and every other animal dies there are no more sensory interpretations left. You leave behind everything that is you. This is the conclusion of is there life after death: You will die.
    However, it can be said that time no longer exists while dead. To exist, or to perceive time, one must think they are alive. “I think therefore I am.” While dead time will pass, energy will do its dance like it always has, and you may be reformed into a new being, with no previous knowledge of every being who you were. The universe is like a mass recycling bin. Throw away a soda can, and ten years later you may be holding some of the atoms that made it up, when unwrapping chicken from aluminum covering.
    This is the conclusion of being dead: You will never know you are dead.

  6. I don’t know about meta-physical, but Bibliclly all time passes in a moment.
    Psa 6:5 For in death [there is] no remembrance of thee: in the grave who shall give thee thanks?

  7. Time ceases to exist because eternity has begun. I don’t think that those that have recently passed are perceiving time as we know it.

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