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friend telepathy….?

i have a friend,
we say the same things at the same time, do things like crossing our legs at the exact same time, and also we, like arrive at places we meet up at the same time…without planning it!
what is going on!>


  1. This only happens to people who are really good friends.
    But theirs a couple of way to prove if its true telepathy or just really weird coincidence.
    Have her draw a card from a deck of cards. After she gets a good look at it you have one try to get it right. Make sure she really thinks hard about the image.
    Good Luck

  2. This isn’t neccessarily telephathy hun. Things like crossing your legs at the same time are incredibly common, basically because when you are with somebody you like you will mimic their body movement and vice versa. Because you know each other so well this can be almost instantaneous because you have picked up movement indicators of each other.
    When you are close to somebody you influence each others thought processes and what you think so it is not uncommon for you to come to the same conclusion, find the same things funny or not understand something hence saying something at the same time.
    As for ending up in the same place- you are close friends you are going to be in the same sorts of places and part of what makes you such good friends is you similarity; for example always being late or early to a place….
    All this things explain why we sometimes think that we are telepathic. That and a huge dose of coincidence. Actually there are things even more interesting then telepathy, for example did you know that couples who love each other will eventually start to look the same… basically due to the same principles of unconscious mimicking which causes the same smiles, wrinkles and expressions.
    Also girls who are close or live together eventually shift their cycles until they are in sync (there is a name for this but I can’t remember it!). Scientists theorise that this is because men spent so much time away either hunting (or later in wars) it was more effective if all the women were on at the same time so they could all be impregnated at once!!
    And that concludes today’s science and psychology lesson!
    Hope you found this helpful

  3. To understand this better, first you need to understand how thoughts travel, attract and manifest things into your life. Every thought that you originate, has a wavelength and a mass in energy thought form which as you know, just like radio waves cannot be seen by the human eye.
    When you think about something, you putting that thought out into the universe, and depending of the content and intention of that thought, as in what it contains like a desire, an action and including a feeling attached to that thought, it is going to attract like a magnet people, places, events etc to you like magic.
    For example, lets say you are craving for a donut, you feel happy about eating a good donut, but you put more detail into your thought of wanting a donut, you want a chocolate donut….
    Then you imagine yourself having or getting that donut and attach a desire or emotion/feeling to that thought of having and eating that donut.. now all this happens in less than a blink of an eye!
    So what happens is that, if you put enough intention into that thought, you will end up attracting a chocolate donut into your life anytime soon….So it so happens that you go somewhere, and all of a sudden someone offers you a chocolate donut……. or you find one somewhere, like magic.
    This is so true that most people have had an experience like this before in their lives, or the classic Psychic expereince where you are thinking about calling someone and the phone rings and its him/her!
    Again, it is because of your thoughts and what you are putting out…Some people have this ability more developed than others, but we all have it. For what I can see in your case, you and your friend are communicating at the same level of thought that you are both putting out, and so because your communication affinity is so high with eatch other, this “magical” thing manifests in you all the time……
    If you want to know more, let me know….
    There is a book called “You are Psychic” which will help you develop more your Psychic senses.


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