French Anesthesiologist talks about Near Death Experience (NDE) – Dr Charbonier

Voice over Lilou Macé for all english speakers. Jean-Jacques Charbonier , born 16 May 1956 in Saint-Gaudens , is a physician anesthesiologist intensivist known for his stories on the professional life after death . He is the author of several books on the subject, regularly hosts conferences and participated in various radio and television. He is an honorary member of the Centre for the Study of near-death experiences (CEEMI) and works with the association.


  • Thanks so much Lilou! I have been going through an even harder time in my life right now, and your videos continue to give me some hope! Thanks!!! Loved this one

  • Hi. What I do not understand is psychics say we have past lives and futures lives etc
    So how can you connect crossed over ones. Not sure what to believe. Thanks very much. Mark. (I do believe in afterlife btw)

  • @MrMark012
    is not ‘today’ the ‘future’ of your ‘yesterday’ self? I have conducted my own ‘future’ meditation. Before my hubs & I went to Ireland in 2004, I ‘met’ an elderly gentleman with a hat & using a cane who wanted to show me around Ireland. When we in line to board the plane, there was a lovely elderly couple just behind us who were also travelling to Ireland. It was their 9th trip. Guess what? Burt was wearing the same hat & walking with a cane! We flew into Shannon together!

  • How does one connect? Simply intend to do so and TRUST what comes through! As Obi-Wan Kenobi told Luke Skywalker – “You must unlearn what you have learned.” Our Angels, Guides and even crossed over loved ones communicate with us all of the time if we choose to listen 🙂

  • It’s not easy to concentrate while listen to english and french in the same time especialy when you understand both languages

  • Thank you for translating Lilou! I so much appreciate our work and the effort you put in to make it accessible to as many of us as possible. Much Love!!

  • Good topic! Things like this can offer some people a type of hope. It’s not all the knock on the table.

  • Thanks, Lilou – very good. He’s not alone among doctors, thank goodness. Here is a fantastic example of what’s happening in the medical field – a brain surgeon whose NDE went deeper than deep – Dr Eben Alexander III
    (Just replace the 2 asterisks 😉

  • So great Lilou that we are able to hear the points of view of people who are not English, and have amazing stories and evidence to tell. Wonderful!

  • Translation was surprisingly pleasant to listen to. I thought I would not care for it but instead I
    found your voice very clear and sweet and gentle to listen to. Thank you so much for your efforts to make this possible, Lilou <3

  • Who was the woman who was mentioned who had an NDE? Annie something?? If anyone understood it, please reply! Thanks…

  • hey bodsie888, search this title on Lilou’s channel “Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience clears in 4 days, grade 4B lymphoma cancer”. it’s an amazing interview; hope you find it interesting too. 🙂

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