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Freedom of Religion?

If there is freedom of religion in the US…then why is shamanism, one of the oldests religions often perscuted. People about in every culture have been using entheogens like mushrooms, peyote, dmt, and lsa in spirtitual contexts for 1000’s of years. So why are nontoxic and nonaddictive spirtiual entheogens placed in the same catergory as deadly drugs like heorin and cocaine. My only guess is it might spark a spirtitual awakening by the public and challenge the church and scientists


  1. Actually, to the people or “races” that actually practice this type of religion, are able to. It’s only for the rest of us who want to have “fun” are the “drugs” restricted.

  2. Let me guess- you’re that Chippewa (Ontario, Michigan regions) who claims mushrooms are part of your “Native American Church” even though your own people had no knowledge of these mushrooms and cacti.
    Bleah. You just want to use drugs, admit it.
    My friend in northern Ontario still lives on the reserve where she was born and she hates wannabe shamans (she’s atheist by the way). She goes to rituals out of cultural respect but doesn’t believe a bit of it.
    Keep getting your drugs on the streets. You’re not cut out for science, anyway.

  3. Just using halucinogenic drugs does not make you a shaman. I have worked with a shaman and there is much more to it than taking drugs. I think alot of drug adicts like to use religion as an excuse to feed or get away with their addiction. The persecution is not for Shamanism, it is for losers who exploit it to use drugs.

  4. The purpose of outlawing drugs is not to discriminate against a religion. Some of them are dangerous. And (in my opinion) they give a cheap shortcut to true spiritual awakenings.

  5. Sadly, while Shamans might use these substances as a legitimate part of their religious practice, many others would abuse them or otherwise take advantage of their legal status.
    People could also easily argue that cocaine provides a spiritual experience. Everyone is free to practice their religion, as long it harms no one else. Legalizing substances, which could potentially be dangerous, for the sake of one religion violates that.

  6. yeah, my generation tried very hard to get the gov’t to buy it and, well, as you know, by your question, they still wont’!!

  7. because for religion and government to continue as it does the people need to be dumbed down and not have important spiritual realizations.
    marijuana was illegalized for political reasons. other drugs place a threat on the way society runs because these drugs lead to people bettering themselves without government or religion. this is a threat to power and they are illegalized so that people can keep their power.

    • You know what your talking about! This is what I believe! it does not matter whether you come for fun or for education! what matters is how you feel afterwards… The peruvian shaman do not reject people from partaking in an ayahuasca ritual just because they feel the person is just looking for a good time…. likely if you are just looking for a “good time” you will be shocked by either a hard but enlightening experience or something that would not be defined as fun but defined as life changing and awakening. BOTTOM LINE IS THE CONSTITUTION HAS BEEN SHAT UPON! THERE IS NO FREEDOM OF RELIGION! ONLY A LIMITED SELECTION! THEY WILL NOT ALLOW YOU THE KEY TO HAPPINESS WITH OUT A FIGHT! WITH THAT KEY THEY ARE NOT NEEDED!!

  8. Jimi asked the question: Are you experienced? And my answer is, “yes”
    and it is all drugs . . . it gets you high and then you come down . . . and the spiritual awakening you refer to, just led to drug addiction for the whole 60’s and 70’s hipsters . . . been there done that . . .
    try Jesus

  9. I think drugs should be legal, quite apart from any question of religion. It just seems like common sense that the “Drug War” doesn’t work, doesn’t stop anybody from doing drugs, fuels the black market, prevents any kind of regulation, fills our prisons with nonviolent offenders, etc etc. Meanwhile really dangerous drugs are practically shoved down our throats by the pharmaceutical industry.
    As for using drugs to obtain “spiritual” results, it’s an ancient tradition in many cultures. Properly controlled and directed, it can be a powerful sacramental tool.


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