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Fraternal twin telepathy?

Many people believe that identical twins can communicate with each other without talking, sort of telepathy. Is this also true for frateral twins? I have fraternal twin boys and they seem to do that sometimes


  1. i am a fratenal twin. Me and my brother know what each other is thinking sometimes, but that is only because we are close. twins just know each other really well becaue they have a close bond. i do not believe they have telepathy though

  2. Very possible. And it’s not only twins that can have this ability. My sister is 5 yrs younger than me and in the 70’s we were studied by the Chicago Psychic Research Center because we had a “twin thing” but weren’t twin. We additionally had physical tie. We exhibited the same symptoms when one was injured.
    We only use a small portion of our brains…who knows what we can do if we used the rest.

  3. Twins have a very unique bond. They share a womb, they spend a great deal of time together (more so than most other siblings). It is perfectly natural for them to be more in tune to the others moods, personality and mannerisms.
    I can’t say I know exactly what my twin brother is thinking however I always have a pretty damn good idea just based upon subtle cues that nobody else picks up on. It isn’t a matter of telepathy it is more a matter of knowing a person in a way that probably no other person will experience.

  4. I’m a faternal twin and trust me there isn’t any telepathy. I mean because we’re close we may pick up on things but that can be true about spouses, siblings and friends

  5. I am a fraternal twin, and I believe it is true… I always get a feeling when something isn’t right with my sister…. When my sis was in labor with her first I started getting really bad cramps while she had contractions… It was really crazy!!! I also knew something wasn’t right when she was in a car wreck too.. It is very crazy!!

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