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Fostering a 50 pound boxer who doesn’t like my 10 pound Chi?

I have my permanent dog Goober who is a Boston Terrier, a foster named Felix who is a Chi/Dash-hound and tonight I received my other foster who is a 50 pound Boxer mix. I was told the Boxer (named Zeus) was great with other dogs. Felix likes to jump and is super high energy, and anytime he goes near Zeus, Zeus starts to growl. Zeus just came from a Mexican shelter last night, so maybe its all the new people/dogs/smells. I have put Zeus in the kitchen with a baby gate blocking them as I am afraid of one of my small dogs getting injured.. Do you have any tips on how to deal with this? Since the kitchen is blocked off, I can’t let my other 2 dogs out to use the bathroom.. so just to go potty is a HUGE deal since I need to put everyone on leashes.. move the boxer to another room.. let my dogs out.. then change everything around again.
I have fostered alot of dogs..but all of them were around the same size, so I was never afraid of a fight.. However due to the massive size difference between the 3 dogs, and the fact Zeus could chomp Felix or Goober’s heads off in one bite.. I just want to proceed with caution.


  • You could be right about the smells and people but big dogs usually aren’t very friendly to littler or bigger dogs because well they just don’t seem right to them but sooner or later they’ll get used to them I hope I gave help!

  • I think that the boxer is just finding the Chi’s high energy and behaviour annoying and is conveying that to him. I agree that exercising all of them together, in a group walk would help create bonds and wear out some excess energy. If the Boxer hasn’t tried to attack the dogs on sight, I’d say he’s not dog aggressive, just dominant. I’d let him tell of the Chi, it will get the point across. I’d only worry about keeping them separated when you aren’t available to supervise.

  • You are humanizing them. The Boxer is simply saying back off, I’m stressed out in this new place, and you are annoying. You should take all the dogs for a nice walk to tire them out and have them calm, then they are able to mingle better. And also though some people pronounce it Dash-hound it is actually Dachshund, and pronounced more like Dox-sun, just a pet peeve of mine. You have to give them time, and keep them mellow.

  • Many many dynamics. If you want to drill down into specifics, I can help. Use my contact info on my web site (http://pawsnponder.vanwa.us) to reach me. For now, here are some rules:
    1. There must be a hierarchy in a dogs environment. There can never be eqauality. These are dogs rules so they posture and dominate one another until their position is established.
    2. In time they usually form a pack if appropriate leadership is present.
    3. In order to expedite the pack bonding process, walk everyone together. Keep them moving and keep them following.
    When a pack of dogs hunts, one dog leads and the rest follow. No one wanders off to sniff or pee else they get left behind. If you perform a pack behavior like that as the lead dog, you are showing them that you expect them to behave in a pack behavior. Of course you’ll need to be comfortable and confident in that role. This is not the whole fix but a jump start on the way to a solution.

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