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        How many things in your fridge contain MSG?
        here is a list of names MSG is commonly disguised under:
        Why do food companies get away with labeling MSG as something as harmless as natural seasoning?
        There are several BAs here…its so hard to pick…

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        Well, the only thing in my fridge is beer, yogurt and natural peanut butter, so I would guess none. Food companies, under the jurisdiction of the FDA, are stuck somewhere between federal regulations and the need to make a profit. Would hate to see all the litigation that is passed back and forth in an attempt to regulate and deregulate what effects our livelihood. Love One Another shared a pretty meaty article on the subject… maybe you caught that. Consumerism is one of the evils of man and we may as well expect those in power to lean as much toward profit as they possibly can. I am sure there is within their ranks an acceptable amount of problems (sickness and death) caused by their actions. I think they call it collateral damage.
        I imagine MSG has a corrosive affect on the pineal gland but have no proof. Something makes it atrophy by the time people reach their adulthood. If the gov’t. is aware of the power behind the gland, and I am sure they are (check out David Wilcock on youtube: ), then the FDA regulations of inappropriate but permissive labeling make more sense.

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        The same way they get away with using high fructose corn syrup and calling it sugar. Its that stuff that caused the diabetes and obesity epidemic. It was outlawed in this country before the (60s or 70s), and is still outlawed in many other countries. Processed foods (including MSG) are not natural and can hardly be considered food at all. The FDA posts on their website how consuming large amounts are harmful.
        And also, here is a list of GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) foods from the FDA. They are approved by request, and only denied if someone can present evidence as to why they are not. The scientists are pressured and paid off. (this coming from former scientists who have left and spoken out)
        The larger problem at hand is the effect on the pineal gland by eating processed foods. An Excerpt:
        “It is now understood that the pineal gland governs parts of the hypothalamus, making the pineal gland another master gland. On a diet of processed food, the pineal gland calcifies and hardens. The brain becomes dense and obstructed with waste matter which would have distorted the cosmic receiver and blocked out the cosmic life energies. A diet of alkaline-plant food dissolves these obstructions and deposits, freeing the flow of energy. Thus we see that the cleaner your body, the greater your latent powers of mind.”
        – David Wolfe, The Sunfood Diet Success System
        from this article:
        Thanks for the article! I’ll add it to my arsenal! LoL
        🙂 Blessings!

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        not sure how MSG affects the pineal but i do know for sure that the pineal is an endocrine gland and all plastic contains chemicals that are proven endocrine distruptors…and is anything even made nowadays from anything but plastic?. when you mess with this finely tuned mechanism of the endocrine system of the body it starts manifesting in physical change like what we are seeing now and have been seeing since the late 80s..the absurdly high rise in autism in the last decade is surely do to plastic…you see young girls acting violent and you see young men(i do not say this in a bad way) acting like girls. the endocrine system regulates all those hormones that control maturation and sexual development. you see this poisoning now in the oceans and fresh bodies of water and entire fish and amphibian populations are wiped out because they are born sexually mutated or all of one gender. it seems almost as if we are being deliberately poisoned and it really bothers me. i think fasting for detox and eating as natural as possible is our only hope.
        a fridge…lol…i think i remember those things…the last one i used only had beer, yogurt, and natural peanut butter in it though…and i dont think Blue puts anything in the pot of beans except a few peppers so i think it was MSG free..mmm…now reading that list you posted(thx btw for that) maybe that yogurt did have MSG.
        why do the food companies get away with it…? corruption…money…greed – All the above.
        Obama got a letter from a top scientist and it was recently authenticated and here is as little snip
        “America urgently needs change at FDA because FDA is fundamentally broken, failing to fulfill its mission, and because re-establishing a proper and effectively functioning FDA is vital to the health of the nation.”
        the whole thing
        its goes even deeper when we stop and think about what plastic is made of; Oil

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        There are coming to the forefront a lot of things that seem to have a negative effect on the pineal gland and this is very scary. This gland is so very important, however, very few people know what this gland is and how important it is to each of us.

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        MSG is a cytotoxin just like aspartame. It calcifies (hardens your pineal gland) eventually destroying it..
        Food companies get away with the labeling, because MSG is addictive and make you want to eat more… The FDA was bought out years ago…

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