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Why there is no Christian pastor or priest become a Feng shui man? is Fengshui part of Taoism?


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Did the feng shui master told you his or her religion before consultation?
Anybody can attend a class and be one.

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why do you ask too many questions?
Why there is no Christian pastor or priest become a Feng shui man? the reason is fengshui is considered to be metaphysics, which means something that is beyond physics, or something that is hard to explain/ prove in physical terms, just like a religion or faith. but unlike religion, in fengshui, a person who practices fengshui do not constanly believe on the do's and don'ts of fengshui - that can be tiresome - like christianity. don't you think? thus, fengshui is not a belief.
in christianity, in its core, there should only be god and god alone - else they call it false gods. thus, no pastor nor priests practice fengshui.
>and yet most christians believe in unproven so called miracles - how do you know that the miracles are not the works of satan?
>and yet most christians practice some form of superstition or keep lucky things.
>and yet we live in a world where terror exists. and christians, who preach love, attack other nations.
if you are a true christian, then so be it. live your life without fengshui. it is a free world.
it is a free world where people who like to practice fengshui can without you bothering them.
is Fengshui part of Taoism? fengshui is not a part of taoism. but in the past, taoists have included fengshui in their practice. it may seem that fengshui is part of taoism, but any person can practice fengshui without taoism or practice taoism without fengshui. it is just wiser for people to practice fengshui for them to know how to optimize life to make it easier, so they can focus on what is important to them.

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my opinion only:
feng shui is an ancient science, not part of taoism.
due to its 'ancient-ness' some facts may be influenced superstitious and mystical elements
correct me if I'm wrong, I'm learning. thanks