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Which type of massage should I get?


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I have bi-polar, anxiety, depression, ADHD and PTSD. Also when I was six, so about 14 years ago, I was hit by a car and now I have a bad back. I'm so stressed and irritated all the time lately and it's effecting the relationship that I have with my amazing boyfriend. When I get my taxes back I'm going to be getting a massage, but I don't know what type I should get. Based on these three places: Aveda Day Spa, Massage Envy and Healing Touch.
Trigger Point Therapy
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Chakra Balancing Massage
Full Body Massage
Relaxation Massage
Which type should I get and which place should I go to???
I'm not quite sure what has caused my PTSD, but I have the diagnosis for it and I know that I have not been misdiagnosed. As for my anxiety, it's real, I promise. BTW I'm not on any of the medication that I should be on, I quit taking all of it a little of two years ago.

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Go to Aveda! I've heard they are excellent.
I'd probably go for the relaxation massage or the hot stone.

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Hope I'm not off topic, but I used yoga. Having an instructor I liked helped a lot, plus the rest of the crowd. I got a back injury in that goofy TSA job. Lots of my co-workers got $5,000 surgeries with about a %50 chance of success. My 3 or 4 months of yoga was about $250 which worked very well.
Oh, and I figured my PTSD eventually went away, partly due to reminding myself that the event causing it was NOT now, but years ago. Thefact that I had the wimpiest case in the army helped. I never actually took fire, it was just a truck accident.
Anxiety? someone pays the newspaper guys to make you feel that way. Heck with that.
Nils K. Hammer

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If this is your 1st massage ever then I'd 1st recommend that you speak with your masseur/masseuse.
A knowledgeable will listen to your conditions and make excellent recommendations.
If you have to select which type B4 you are assigned a one, then I'd pick the full body massage.
Still speak w/ the person though.
As s/he works on your body, you can decide which areas you are comfortable about getting touched.
Some massages can cause an emotional response. Not even just by touch, but for unblocking blood flow and such.
I, myself, prefer the deep tissue massage but that is b/c I know to speak up during the massage.
A lot of people keep their mouth shut thinking that the masseur knows best and that can lead to not feeling any relief from a too soft massage OR hurting from a too hard massage.
If you can easily speak your mind, that a good one. Let them know, "more pressure there, less pressure on that spot" etc.
It would be great to find a masseuse who knows several styles.
I like a mixture of full body, deep tissue & hot stone on different areas of my body.