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Where did Buddhist Meditation come from?


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Does anyone know its history? origins?
not buddhism, buddhist MEDITATION

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Siddharta Gautuma sat under a tree to clear his mind of the world's troubles. Then he became enlightened. So now all Buddhists meditate to attempt the same.

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From Hinduism Where did they get it from It could only be a guess and not even an educated one either
There is explanation regarding the various forms of Buddhist Meditation on this site click on meditation but I am unaware of any site that can reveal the true history

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Before Lord Buddha discovered The Dharma His childhood was Hindu He spent six years studying and practising with various Hindu ascetics and it would be fair to presume it was these Teachers who would have taught Him meditation He then went off on His own and it is well documented it was during His time meditating under a Bodhi tree he became "Awake"
So the credit must go to the Hindu Tradition for this
Interestingly Lord Buddha wasn't the first Buddha of this world time period There were three others before Him and it is claimed There will be one thousand Buddhas who will visit this world before our sun goes Supernova It begs the question Who taught the the previous Buddhas
It's a real dilemma that's difficult to fully answer
I'm not a real fan of Wiki but there is a reasonable explanation regarding the various forms of meditation You may find helpful but like others I am unable to answer your question as fully as I would have liked