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whats a good place to Sp attack EV train in pokemon pearl?


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what is a good place to ev train for special attack for my mismagius? also, do you think this moveset is good?
calm mind

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old chateau in eterna forest each ghastly gives 10 sp atk EVs w/ pokerus and power item so all you have to do is battle 25 of them and you're maxed out

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A great place to EV train is the Old Chateu (unsure about spelling) in Eterna Forest. The only pokemon you will run into there are Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. Gastly will give you 1 EV point. Haunter will give you 2 EV points. I think Gengar will give you 3 but I am not sure, it might only be 2.
I am no expert at judging movesets but I will give you suggestions. Well, since you are your Mismagius in special attack then I would at least make all of it's moves capable of doing damage. The only move I personally do not like is Calm Mind. Try replacing it with a move that does damage and has the purple swirly icon by it's name in it's description.

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i would recommend the old chateau. gastly will give 1 sp attk ev, haunter will give you 2, and gengar will give you 3. this is a good place, because you do not have to run away and avoid battles with unwanted pokemon that usually show up in other places... like budew and bidoof....
it's in the eterna forest, you're gonna have to use the move "CUT" to get inside.
your moveset is not bad... i guess. it's good that you're focusing on special attack ev and having all special attk moves. but the thing is, your pokemon is ghost pokemon. and it's weakened to ghost and dark.
ghost is good against ghost, so it's whoever attacks first... but dark takes 50% of your ghost attacks. so your shadow ball that usually has the power of 80 is only going to do 40 on it, but all it's attacks are going to be doubled on you.
so i suggest getting something to counter dark pokemon. dark is weakened to fight and bug. see if you can get ahold of these.
thunderbolt is good, this will suprise most enemies that don't expect this move and it works well because you plan to ev train in special attack, so your moves will hit harder. it will be good against any flyers and water... and if ever someone sends out a gyarados with bite (dark) to suprise you, you'll suprise it and use thunderbolt (does 400% on gyarados)
calm mind is a good move to have. mismagius can't take hits from physical fighters... and it has low hp. so besure you can take hits and survive the attack after you cast calm mind... because if you use that move and a heracross comes and hits you with pursuit or night slash, you might not live to use another move....
so basically the only suggestion is get something to counter the dark pokemon that would pose a threat. and watch out for physical pokemon that might leave a dent in your hp. although thunderbolt is cool, it's excessive. if you can, try to switch this move with a fight or bug move.
that's all. hope i helped!

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