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What was Albert Einstein right or not right about?


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Is it just his theory on relativity, or something else? He can be associated with many different theories, some more famous than others. So what was Einstein's legacy, exactly?

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Einstein was once asked, what will the 3rd world war be fought with?
He said I don't know, but I do know the 4th world war will be fought with stones.

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Well, he's famous for a lot of things, including the theories of special and general relativity, though he won the Nobel prize on a paper about the photoelectric effect. As for him being right or not, his theories are remarkably accurate in explaining the universe, at least at the macroscopic level.

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He was right about the constancy of the speed of light to all observers.
He was right about mass being able to curve spacetime, accounting for gravity.
He was right in predicting the reason for the discrepancy in the orbital period of the
planet Mercury.
He was right in predicting the phenomenon of gravitational lensing.
He was right about the mechanism for the photoelectric effect.
He was right about his explanation for brownian motion.
He was right about his equivalence principle.
He was wrong about the non-locality of quantum events, calling it
'spooky action at a distance'.
He was wrong when he added his cosmological constant to his equations
of general relativity, in order to account for why space was not expanding. He
later recognized that space was expanding, and called the cosmological constant
his greatest blunder.
He was probably right to try pursuing his quest for grand unification, even though he
was unsuccessful and ridiculed later in life for his stubborness. More and more
physicists today are picking up where he left off, now that they have some promising
new theoretical tools to work with. Only time will tell for sure.