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What time does 3 of Swords tarot card represent?


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What time period does 3 of swords tarot card represent?

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Well, normally people believe the 3's to represent either 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months.
I use the aces for timing--as they work better for me, but everyone is different. For instance if a certain ace pops up I know it's going to most likely happen during that season--or at least around that season, or for some it could mean between now and that season, but the Aces represent seasons for me and they are usually right on. I say usually, because they too have meanings other than seasons, but if an ace pops up in a spread I generally think what it represents will happen will happen in that season--and it's eerily correct most of the time.
My list of aces is as follows:
However, there are some references that state that Wands are spring, and Pentacles are autumn. I would experiment and see what works for you, but the list I provided is true for me, but you could be different.
Also, some believe that if you ask a question--for instance--like "When will---?" And then you pick up only one card and lets say it is the 5 of Wands. Well, that would be the fifth week of autumn for me, but for some it would be the 5th week of spring. Make sense? You could experiment using that method as well. So then, the three of swords would be the 3 week in winter.
Hope that helps!

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There are several different timing systems that dictate timing in the cards.
I believe that one of the systems goes like this~
Pentacles are years
Cups are months
Wands are weeks
and Swords is days.
I have been doing tarot for near 20 years and I have observed these systems to test them out and for me they are totally bogus.
I have my own system that is not so regimented.
I am very accurate in the way I determine time, 3 of Swords could be three weeks or it could be three months- or hours...it all depends on the other cards and the question as well as what intuition is telling me.
I also use a lot of astrology with my readings to look at time frames and that has been quite successful.

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It does not represent a time frame. Unless you was to ask a direct question & use which ever card was laid in its numerological form for a time frame etc.
It is a card of sadness, loss & emotional pain.