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What should the title of my story be?


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I can't think of a title for a story I'm working on.
It's about a teenage girl named Alice who gets in this accident and loses all her family and gets these psychic powers; mind reading, aura seeing, and knowing everything about someone when they touch. She meets this boy, named Jakob, that she can't do anythings to. They fall in love and she's attacked by the boy's old girlfriend, Casey.
Jakob and Casey are immortal people. Alice finds out she is one to.
Casey nearly kills Alice.
So what should the title of my story be?

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One of Them
Read, See, Touch-(that one sucks! sorry!)
Eternal Love
For Forever
sorry, im not thinking good right now!LOL

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I don't know but this sounds like a total ripoff from the Immortals series.

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well it sort of sounds like a book thats already out. but it should be something catchy sorta like..... Forbidden Affair?? or somethign forbidden...

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this sounds a lot like the Imortals series by Noel Alison

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sorry, but i couldn't help but notice, alice has powers and there's a guy named jakob? sorry but it rang a bell with twilight. (no, I'm not a huge twilight fan.) But, if you write the story good it should be okay.
um, for the title.... The Plastic Ones? maybe, Alice could make a comment to Jakob when she finds they are all immortal, like, "What, are we made of plastic or something?" just a suggestion.
Good luck!

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If you ask me, it sounds WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much like Evermore. In order to avoid copyright infringement, you might want to do the following:
1. Her parent didn't die in a car crash. It was only her in a car and she got drunk and almost dies.
2. How about something original like: she can read people by looking into their eyes. thats basically everything combined
3. Jakob + Casey = Not immortal, how about they are psychic like her?
Illiterate (Because she can't READ him)
The Color of Your Eyes (if you take my idea of reading eyes, though am I getting credit? 😛 JK!)
More Than You

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