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What sequence of Reiki hand positions do you perfer?


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I am a Reiki II practitioner. When I do a self treatment or a Reiki Session for someone else, I usually start from the Root or Base chakra and work my way up to the Crown chakra. This is the way I intuitively feel natural and right for me 🙂 I just want to know if any of you have a different sequence/method or approach to Reiki Treatments (be that to self or to something else) 🙂
Please I ask for believers of Reiki only. The reason I ask this is because I believe in Reiki and someone wasting their time to try to idk, convince me Reiki isnt real just does not make sense to me... I guess I can not stop someone from answering how ever they can, but it would be greatly appreciated if skeptics did not answer this time 🙂
Thanks to all (skeptics included 🙂 )
Love Light and Peace 🙂

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I have my training (attunements) in Animal Reiki 1 from Kathleen Prasad. I got the Tenihira CD and use the hand positions on that for self-heal most every night before sleeping - head, body, arms, legs and finishing with the feet.
I do my channeling in animal shelters and use another CD then to cut out the noise and "static" from the activity there. That includes using Gasho and the dry bathing (which I also do before the self-heal at night.)
I tend to be a "hyper" person and the CD's have helped me greatly in learning to quiet my personal mental clutter and bring me to a state of openness for channeling.
With animals you do not do "hands on" work unless the animal comes to you and seems to be seeking it. I have held a tiny kitten in my hands when channeling. With bunnies and cats I just open my hands in my lap and channel from outside the cages.
One of my cats at home who sleeps with me every night likes to lie on my chest as I do the self-heal.

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I have only Reiki 1 level but I also use Australian Bush Flower Essences and find that when doing Reiki and use the ABFE Emergency Essence cream on my hands the effect is better.
I do start at the Crown chakra as I was taught, but I see no reason if you intuitively wish to start at the base chakra.
Australian Bush Flower Healing by Ian White goes very well with Reiki being another energy medicine. Guess that is why I never seem to get around to doing level 2 Reiki

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The traditional Usui Reiki positions start at the crown and work downwards. This is the way I was taught, and the way that I teach my students - but the reason it is presented this way in the Usui system is that there is an important logic to working crown to base.
As you probably know, in Eastern systems, when one works with the chakras you draw energy up from the base towards the crown.
So when you are freeing the energy during a treatment, you are clearing the pathway from the top down so that once the base is cleared and opened, the energy can flow smoothly and unimpeded upwards. When starting at the base, you clear the base and the energy rushes upwards, where it then faces a sluggish chakra (comparitively to the chakra that was just cleared and charged with the Reiki). Then when the sacral center is cleared with the healing, the energy rushes upwards again to be slowed down at the sluggish solar plexus. This creates an erratic energy pattern until the crown is finally cleared. If you start at the crown and work down, the energy that is taking up through the base will have a clear pathway through the meridians.
That is the logic behind the traditional positions.
Now with Reiki you can't really do anything "wrong" per se. There just are certain energetic methods that are being utilized during the flow of a traditional treatment.