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What physical factors of the earth cause different amounts of energy to strike the surface of the earth?


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help me it is for school and i need an answer asap

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Summer vs Winter?? The Earth is tilted about 23 degrees so as it goes around the sun light strikes the planet's northern hemisphere more directly in summer than in winter.
The Earth is actually CLOSER to the sun in WINTER.

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Apart from the angle of the Earth on its axis there are meteorological effects. E.g. cloud formations will always filter out much of the sun's radiation, polution in cities , the ozone layer etc etc.

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The conglomeration of tall buildings in cities, mountains, lakes and different earth surfaces cause variance in the ray beams that can be sent. Holographic interferometry, shooting rays into peoples' bodies in order to immobilize them is probably easier on a planet that is flat, like the moon.
The leg ray toward New England has to be aimed over Sandusky Ohio, and just south of city conglomerates like Providence, RI. The ET "selling socialist literature" outside a downtown college is a scout trying to get the exact configuration of the classroom so the victim can be blasted during class.
The ray takes 15 minutes to turn off, since it takes total 15 minutes for the ray to get beamed from the Central Time Zone into New England..

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