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what is the difference between tarot and palm readings?


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What do tarot cards tell you versus what a palm reading may say? Also which one do you suggest? Thanks!

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Tarot readings uses tarot cards while obviously palm readings uses your palm to tell your fortune. There are those who say that tarot readings are better than palm reading.

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they're both forms of divination. Tarot uses a large deck of cards and palmistry reads the lines on your hand/s. In both instances you will get a better result from an experienced practitioner. This is because the cards that fall by 'chance' have little to do with how they are interperated. The lines on your palm that you are born with do change throughout your life, in reflection of how your will has changed your destiny. the problem with palmistry is that it is most dificult to interperate so finding a 'good' psychic is rare.
Tarot cards are much easier to read and so those with less experience can show a better result: but also there are many who have little knowledge of the divine art but still practice!!
the only suggestion I can make is when you go to see a psychic; sense how comfortable you feel. if you are happy and at ease (you are subconsciously sensing their aura) then they are 'good'. if you are not comfortable I would not proceed. though, sometimes guilt, excitment and worry can get in the way... but I'm sure you'll know what to do.

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They are both props for "psychics" Here is a link to some of the other types of divination. There is no evidence that any of these do what is claimed. But who wants proof?

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Well apart from the obvious, one being the palm of a hand & the other being 78 cards any difference lies within the reader.
Both are tools for psychic connection & the flow of energy. Both can be used as a psychic tool but also simply based on their lines or symbols with no psychic element.
As a Tarot reader & teacher I would lean towards the cards, but both are good in the right hands.

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