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What exactly is Astral Projection or Astral Travelling?


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I just know its something with which you can float around or something. What exactly is it? Is this a real thing? If yes, how do you do it? Also, is it dangerous? Do ghosts do this?
I'm really curious.

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I have herd of it but i wanna do it, i wanna go spy on my mom at night lol jk but yea would be cool to know how to do it.

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Yes! its real, but I won't speak for myself, just check out the following link:
Its an E-book of a Famous astral traveler expert who shares his methods to the lay man.
its a gold mine of information!
just read the whole thing, if you got the time.
Have a nice day!!!

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Astral projection is the simple and surprisingly common process of the spirit taking temporary breaks from the body that houses it. The break might be momentary and the spirit might stay in close proximity to the body, for the sheer exercise of it. Or it might be a more distant experience in which the spirit projects itself to some specific location, which in the dimension of the spirit realm takes no longer than the blink of an eye. There are stories known of ppl who've taken astral projection to witness her own husband's car accident during meditation.
Astral travel is closely related to astral protection. But with astral travel, you experience the trip itself as well ast he destination. Astral travel is nothing more than our spirits taking a break from the gravity heavy bodies theyre housed in and taking off to visit whoever or wherever they want. Were born knowing how to travel astrally, not consciously but subconsciously especially when were asleep. They say that the human body routinely travels astrally while were asleep an average of two or three times a week whether you know it or not. Theres no limit to the people and places you can visit in the astral travels. Most people mistaken astral travel as dreams but how can you tell the difference?
Astral travel - you dream youre flying without the benefit of an air plane or other external means, its not a dream. Your travelling astrally.
Astral travel - experiences, unlike dreams, unfold in a logical sequences of events rather than in a haphazard jumble of images, people and locations.
Astral travel - in any dream youre not only a part of but actually view yourself in isnt a dream its an astral experience. Youve heard stories of people looking down from the ceiling at themselves during surgery, unconsciousness or comas the same phenomenon happens during dreams for exactly the same reason you and your body separate and you are able to observe yourself in action as the outsider.
i believe its a real thing whether you do or not but most of the time people dont remember theyre astral travel, no its not dangerous but you can end up scaring yourself when you go back into your body it can feel like heaviness on your body in which you are paralysed and cant move. I cant speak for ghosts.. all i know is theyre earth bound spirits who think they are either still alive or they know theyre dead but cant/dont want to move on.

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