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what do these words mean?


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1. accouchement
2. ouvert
3. appenzel
4. ursprache
5. kundalini
6. weltschmerz
sorry.... i mispelled number 3.
it's supposed to be appenzell

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when answers come in we will both know

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New words to me too, try using google it could help.

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hmm, i know you're being lazy and not wanting to check the dictionary...
here are the definitions from
1. accouchement--the confinement of childbirth; lying-in.
2. ouvert--frank, open and ready to speak (French)
3. Not in Dictionary (must fiind out what language...)
4. ursprache--a hypothetically reconstructed parent language, as Proto-Germanic, the ancestor of the Germanic languages. (German)
5. kundalini--the vital force lying dormant within one until activated by the practice of yoga, which leads one toward spiritual power and eventual salvation. (Hinduism)
6. weltschmerz--sorrow that one feels and accepts as one's necessary portion in life; sentimental pessimism. (German)
helped? 😀

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Hi, I am mostly quoting
1. accouchement, (n) the time or act of giving birth.
2. ouvert, (adj) unreserved, free in manner.
3. appenzell (n ) a type of embroidery, mostly used in fine handkerchief.
4. ursprache (n) a language that is the recorded or hypothetical ancestor of another language or group of languages.
5. kundalini (n) in Hinduism, the vital dormant force waiting to be activated by the practice of yoga, leading one towards spiritual power and eventual salvation.
6. weltschmerz (n) is the sorrow that one feels and accepts as one's lot in life.

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1.the time or act of giving birth (french)
2.u spelt this right? do u mean overt?
3.Appenzell (note spelling) former canton NE Switzerland
5.yogic life force- feminine (sanskrit)
think you already know the answers and are just trying to see whether anyone else is crazy enough to look for them. look for the others yourself