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What are the methods to open up the "potential forms of consciousness"?


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the potential forms, that is a good way to put it.
The two higher states we MAY be able to access begin with two psychological "exercises". The first is the attempt to REMEMBER YOURSELF. That is, to be intentionally aware of your own awareness.
The second task is to NOT EXPRESS NEGATIVE EMOTIONS. Negative emotions can only be the result of sleep. (not the ordinary first state kind of sleep, that occurs in a bed but the sleep that is really our ordinary "consciousness")
In order to awaken, a person must realize they are asleep. This is not the same thing as someone like Pat Robertson smiting his breast, saying he is "a sinner". It's a realization that you are not really conscious, a realization that occurs when you generate consciousness in yourself by REMEMBERING yourself.
A person must also be committed to awakening. It cannot take second place to ANYTHING. This doesn't mean you have to give up everything. It just means that awakening must be your principle goal. This is the origin of that bizarre religious quotation about the "lord thy god is a JEALOUS god". It mean's higher consciousness is more difficult to achieve than people realize.
A person needs help from someone who has already penetrated a higher state of consciousness. And they also must make the efforts to awaken, whatever they may be. It is of no small value to be in a conscious school at the time. However, where one might find such a school is not for me to say. If YOU want to find one bad enough, you will look.

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Self-hypnosis and meditation......................and possibly drugs, I've had a few out of body experiences, although, probably more delusional than anything...I don't recommend the last idea!

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hmm... well there's
drugs :D,
and prayer
whatever method, they're used to delve into an awareness that is not your conscious.... since you are already conscious

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What are some of the methods we can use to open ourselves up to alternate states of consciousness and more fully realize our potential?
Music is one.
Meditation is another.
Play a game with a child.
Take a walk.
Read a book.
The best way is your way. Do what you love to do and do nothing else.

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They have been doing lots of experiments on consciousness to find out more about it. Fascinating they can wire up the brain to detect which parts fire up and what at what frequency. Consciousness is subject to frequency. The awake consciousness is in alpha waves, sleep is in delta waves.
Interestingly they have done experiments with out of body experiences, inducing them using sound. They are genuine, and repeatable in the lab. Of course shamans have been inducing them for about 60'000 years, some using plant extracts, other like my culture use drumming at specifically 2 beats per second. 60'000 years worth of research into finding a safe method to achieve an obe. 🙂
There is a bit about it at the beginning of this documentary.
Practicing Shaman.... quantum physics rocks

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There are numerous methods to expand ones consciousness.
The primary question is how quickly does one wish to elevate ones consciousness?
One can travel at the speed of sound or one can travel at the speed of light.
How quickly one wishes to expand ones consciousness depends on the tools that one uses in the expansion process.
There is one method that surpasses all the various known methods.
It is known as "Zikr".
It involves only the breath.
The inhalation, the pause, and the exhalation. Consciousness is experienced within the pause.
The "moment" is captured within the pause.
This is just the beginning of the process
It cleanses the inner heart, and soothes the mind.
When the mind is soothed it allows ones consciousness to expand.
"Zikr" if practiced correctly will allow one to slowly transcend the intellectual process.
It cools the mind. It causes one to experience a relaxed state of subtle awareness in the beginning.
As one progresses one will experience small amounts of clarity.
This clarity will expand naturally and will allow one to observe and correct many hidden errors that one did not observe previously within one-self.
One is really not opening up ones consciousness, one is simply cleaning out the unnecessary debris, that is causing the blockage of one experiencing higher levels of consciousness.
Consciousness is a vast ocean and awaits every-ones participation.
Sooner or later human beings must decide to sail upon this vast ocean known as consciousness.
The breath is the key to discovering "Unity Consciousness".
Peace be always with you.