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What are some of the benefits of experiencing Past Life regression therapy?


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details please
stories welcome
Thank you!
Please move along if you do not believe in past lives. I will report your nonanswer.
I would like to hear experiences- - both good and bad.
JC- thanks for giving me my 1000th star. lol
Wade- your rant is reported. bye.
I actually talked to someone who guided regressions about 12 years ago. I never follow it up though. I just wasn't ready. I think I am now. There are issues that I think go further back than this lifetime.

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It can help you sort out problems in your present life. Let's say you have an unnatural fear of cats, and have no idea where it comes from. There's a chance that it leads to something in a past life. Once you understand something like that, you can overcome it.

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I have never had Past Life regression therapy, but I do believe that the benefit of this type of therapy would be in understanding our current karma.
I also believe that when we feel familiar with certain places or people without understanding why, there is a past life connection.

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I fully believe that our unnatural fears stem from past lives. For instance, I have an unnatural fear of bees, police officers, motel bathrooms, as well as loud noises/strong winds. There are times when I go to bed and dream about these things that I think that they are glimpses into my past lives. I'm not crazy and it's not like I'm afraid to live my everyday life, but it's just those four things really affect me in a negative way. Therefore, I feel as though, while I've had many past lives, in at least four of them I died in a violent, unexpected ways.
Sometimes, I have recurrent dreams and in those dreams, I can see myself in a wooded area surrounded by bees, almost as if perhaps I was a child and my life ended shortly because the bees stung me to death.
It's not necessarily the motel bathrooms that frighten me as it is a drain, because there are often times when I have dreams that I'm swimming in a pool and my hair got caught in the drain. I can immediately fill my ethereal body being flooded by water, so I think that's where that one stems from.
Other times, I'll have dreams of being in perhaps a tornado because I can hear the loud noise that a tornado makes when it rips through a town and I can feel strong gusts of wind surround me and then I usually wake up.
I haven't had dreams about police officers, but I feel that perhaps in a past life of mine, I was killed by a crooked cop.
So in your response, yes I fully believe that our unnatural fears transcend our mortal lives. However, we have to learn not to allow those fears to hinder us. It's true--I don't like taking showers in motel bathrooms, but I do it anyhow, even though I'm always in discomfort when I do it.
I guess the thing we have to tell ourselves is that, that was then, this was now, and the circumstances are completely different. All we can do is pick up and move on and not allow our subconscious fears to suppress our growth as an individual. And once you can come to the point where you can separate yourself from your personal history, I think it's then that we can really grow spiritually.