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What are some good, informative books on astral projection?


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I've been reading up on this stuff for about a month and I find it so interesting. I want a good guide that will help me master this skill. If possible, please include price and location of where I can get it. Thanks!

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The tooth fairy is also interesting:-)

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For technique, Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington's "The Projection of the Astral Body" is widely considered a classic, as is Robert Bruce's "Astral Dynamics" (which has recently been updated). For inspiration, read Robert Monroe's "Far Journeys", then "Ultimate Journey", then start working through Bruce Moen's "Exploring the Afterlife" series. Ebay is your best bet for fast delivery of the Bruce Moen / Robert Bruce books if you're outside the USA.

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Tom is correct.
As for a local guide, good luck!
The Monroe Institute has training for this, but it is expensive.
The Monroe Institute also has local chapters that meet in cities worldwide.
I am the chapter leader in Oklahoma City, OK.
I also have a Yahoo group called hemi-sync:
William Buhlman is also a good author:

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