Were my thoughts pr...
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Were my thoughts printed ON-SCREEN bEFORE or AFTER this telepathy began?


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Honest answerers only. I'm sick of liars.
It's a very simple question. Were my thoughts telecasted (put on TV or live video) BEFORE, or AFTER the world broadcasting of my thoughts (through thought transmission) occurred?
This question can not be any easier, so please, just answer the truth. And, if you answer something like "You're crazy" or "There is no telepathy" or "I'm sending you my thoughts right now", then I'll thumbs down, ignore you, and remember you from now on and be wary of your answers for a very long time on yahoo answers.
This is coming from a very frustrated individual.
Does that mean...You were seeing my thoughts as I was doing whatever back in early 2005 (before the telepathy began)?

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they were here before
and we are glad you have realized and caught up with the rest of us, relax, and enjoy

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I seen this coming from you last week. I also see that you will over come all this frustration in the middle of next week.

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Get some sleep. Seriously.

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