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There is a correlation between the Qur'an and the below quote, what is it?


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Your search among books, word upon word, may lead you to the depths of knowledge, but it is not the way to receive the reflection of your true self.
When you have thrown off your ideas as to mind and body, the original truth will fully appear. Zen is simply the expression of truth; therefore longing and striving are not the true attitudes of Zen.
-Dogen, "The Practice of Meditation"
Peace and Love
Even before accomplishing enlightenment a person knows that everything attests to the existence of God. But these virtuous feelings of innocence disappear as he begins to mingle with corrupt society, because worldly affairs hinder him from swimming in the vast ocean of insight.
-Al-Ghazzali, "Ihya Ulum Id-Din"

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If you would read the New testament, Jesus said the same thing. Check it out...if you dare.

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When you say : "Zen is simply the expression of truth; therefore longing and striving are not the true attitudes of Zen." I would say that goes against the teachings of the Quran. My understanding of Quranic teachings is that God created us to worship him and to strive for gaining his pleasure and affection. God loves us more than any parent could love us, but just as children reply to their parents love with trying to please them, those who love God and are thankful for his bounties, also strive to gain his pleasure and to worship him.

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Nope, I can't see nothing.
Here learn more about the Qur'aan.
Heres the English translation of the Qur'aan for you to read, and understand. Read all of it, not just a few chapters.
The Holy Qur’aan
Evidence that the Qur'aan is the Word of Allaah
Files about Islaam and the Prophet Muhammad.
This is a really good book. It also has some points from non-muslim scientist etc.

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