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Tantra. does it help bring two people closer together?


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How can I bring tantra into my love life to make it better? I am with someone who is not expressive, and doesn't seem to know the meaning of 4 play at all. I just want to bring us closer. Any suggestions?
How do I make our sex life better without feeling like I am the only one trying?
To the lady that asked me if I was married... Does it matter if I am married? I just want sex to be better. Thank you!

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justs spice it up abit show him

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Are you married?

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For some reason, some men think just because they pull it out its supposed to automatically be good. We as women know the "magic" doesn't just happen like that! I think tantra can be good, just introduce it gradually, start trying new things on your own. maybe eventually he will catch up! Have Fun!!!

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yes it does.
but it takes two people who are committed to doing it.
tantra is when both people want to experience a longer and deeper and more meaningful relationship it starts at the physical level joined bodies and moves towards a spiritual union.
since women take longer to arouse than a men they tend to benefit the most from having sex for 2-3 hours at a time. with deeper and longer orgasms for both.
tantra requires much commitment from both of you, but its much more demanding on a man.
it is an advanced topic.
you should choose a simpler path.
to gauge the level of commitment of your man.
start by getting a book on massage for couples.
you will learn to give your man pleasure by rubbing every part of his body. he must learn to give you pleasure by rubbing every part of your body.
both must be intimate with the others body.
you should give him a full body massage once a week, he must give you a full body massage once a week. massage length should be at least 1 hour duration. do this for 9 months, then you will be ready for tantra.