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(Reincarnation)Aliens having high levels of consciousness?(Aurobindo, Pleiadeins)?


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Sri Aurobindo said(i admit i read this on the net, don't take it for fact) that aliens on other planets were going through levels of consciousness, the first Hindu to look into this...would they reincarnate into humans?
I read from this book by this lady(I don't remember the book's name or author) that aliens called Lyrans, Pleiadeians(considering the stars are 100 million yrs old, how can beings hence come from the Pleiades? even though this idea has been used in several theories) purposely reincarnated into human bodies to help with our spiritual evolution...funny concept, I would like to read more yet am looking for something that wouldn't look totally fanciful even though it was 'channelled'(not sure to believe this)

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If you want to have more such concepts, I would recommend "Life beyond death" written by Treasurer, Culcutta psychic society... I don't remember his name. It says about so many interactions with the ghosts and similar things...

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Could explain people like Michael Jackson and David Bowie.

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Sri Aurobindo never spoke about extraterrestrials...he was more concerned about human evolution to the next level by takingthe lead of the Divine.
He once even said , the earth is very psychic and this is the central camp where evolution needs to be worked out. So , no easy fantastic or fanciful alien mongering in integral yoga

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