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Reiki, psychic powers...anyone?


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I want to learn reiki and I also want to be able to utilise my psychic powers. I've heard that reiki really helps in healing. My mom is diabetic and family members keep having one or other problem. I also wanted to know, is reiki only for health purposes and healing or can it be utilised in other ways? please do let me know if I can learn all this for free somewhere on the web.. Thank you.
Thank you so much Pan! The others really scared me!

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dont waste your valuable time on such nonsense my dear.
study something which is a, real, b, of some use to you in your life.

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Reiki is great.. U can not understand it untill u experience it yourself.. u can not learn it online but u can have an idea by reading some info.. though u need a teacher to teach you and plus there is an attunment to be made.. I really advise Reiki.. it has really helped me with the healing my self and others.. speacially mentally emotionally... and its a really great gift..

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One thing I'd say is don't worry too much about learning actual "Reiki".
What I've discovered is that reiki is simply a structured leaning course on how to do natural healing. They say things like "you cannot perform reiki on someone until the gift has been passed down to you" which is a load of bull...
ANYONE can do healing, and without spending a penny either.
When I heal someone, first I'll do a brief meditation, focusing on building up my own internal energy. Then I'll protect myself, imagining almost like a bubble going around my body, shielding me from any negative energies.
Then I'll run my hands down/over the patients body (without touching them) paying particular attention to the temperature fluctuations between my hands and their body. When I feel a really hot patch, I know that area needs work.
I will then simultaneously draw energy from the area with my left hand (making sure to release it into the universe rather than myself - took me ages to master that one) and replenishing it with energy from my right hand (again, making sure that this is from the universe, not myself - got drained so many times by doing it wrong! Still, all it takes is practice!)
Sometimes when the problem is located deep into the body, it's easier to allow physical contact to happen, however I have also noticed that the physical sensation of touch can sometimes "over-write" the feelings of energy, so best to play around and see what works best with you.
After a while, all you'll need to do is look at someone (I work a lot on people's backs) and you'll be able to see where the energy buildups are (I see them almost as bruising, several layers into their body).
Main things to remember:
1. Never use your own energy (you'll just become drained)
2. Never take their energy into your body (you'll end up with lots of aches and pains)
3. Practice! (you may not get it right the first few times, but keep on practicing, and believe in yourself)
And if you want to get in touch to ask any questions, please feel free.
Best of luck!
Also, just to warn you, if you have any more questions like this, ask them in Mythology & Folklore, otherwise you'll tend to receive messages such as the ones already posted; "You're doing the devils work! Repent!"