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Question about dating a guy that loves hockey and going to games?


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What is a game like? Can I dress like normal or should I go buy a jersey? How much is beer at the game? Do they have live dancing?
BQ: If no hockey games were on, What would you rather watch?
A) The Little Mermaid - Original
B) Synchronized Swimming
D) or have a date w/ the Crystal Chick G Spot Wand

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Going to games are alot of fun. A woman of your epic body should come in a tube top a mini skirt. Screw the jersey. Beer is between $7-$10, depending on where you live at. There is live dancing, but very little of it. Just cam shots posted in the scoreboard.

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have you ever watched a hockey game? they fuckin amazing! yes you should get a jersey or atleast a tee-shirt! beer=$$$$$$! No dancing wtff? and id say D! did that help? What team are you going to see?

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It depends which NHL city you're in. If you're in Montreal, that would be a CRAZY, LOUD AND ENTERTAINING game. If you're in Florida, Phoenix, or anywhere that the stands are empty, then you're in for a boring night, lack of noise, excitement, etc..
No offense, but I find it rather stupid that you would think that there is "live" dancing lol there's no dance floor. People are there to watch a game not to dance, although they do play music between whistles and put the camera on people that are dancing. Wear a tight shirt with the home teams logo on it, sports guys will get boners over you if you do. Beer is quite expensive 10-15 bucks.
you guys are stupid, D) is a female masturbation tool, i would go with B), synchro swimmers turn me on.

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Being at a game is great, dress however you want, they never run out of beer, some teams do have dance teams -- A, B and c are all out. I will live dangerously and go for D. Defy ordinary by picking D.
I'm with Ralph a tude top would be great for you to wear.

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What is a game like? Fun, Rowdey annoying depending on who you sit by... and drunk
Can I dress like normal or should I go buy a jersey? dress however you like but i hear that black is slimming so you might wanna wear a lot of it...
How much is beer at the game? 7.50.. no fking joke for like a 12 or 16 ozer
Do they have live dancing? Yes but not by fans they have atractivish girls for that...
BQ* D I guess as long as its used on her and she passed my approval process first.. A second for sure esspecially if could get ripped first...

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Yeah it does depend were you are.But do NOT listen to the first guy. You will freeze if you were that! Jeans, a tee shirt and a sweatshirt should be fine.You dont have to buy a jersey, its not that big a deal. The games are very... lively. The price of beer depends were you are as well. Hahahaha live dancing? Idk if you can call the people on the score board "live dancing"! Lol either way there VERY fun. I hope you enjoy it!

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